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   Chapter 119 Confession Of Love

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"Brother, you're back," When the door was just opened, a lovely girl jumped out of the villa.

Kate's head was upside down and she looked towards the direction where the voice came from. It was Lily. Just for a second, Kate closed her eyes and cried in her mind. She felt so ashamed of herself in front of the younger generation.

"What happened to Kate?" Lily called Kate by her name rather than sister-in-law.

Kate looked like a dead people and was carried by Brian. However, the man did not stop and directly bypassed Lily. "She is ill."

Lily minced to him and asked, "what's wrong with Kate?"

At a corner, Brian stopped and said to Lily, "go back to sleep."

Anyone could hear the seriousness and coldness in his voice. Lily suddenly stopped. She looked blankly at the disappearing back of Brian, and could not help but feel a little upset and slowly climb up the heart.

No matter how hard she had tried, Brother wouldn't admit it.

After staring at the ceiling for a while, Kate lay on her side and looked at Jeremy's handsome face. Jeremy's face was tight and his brows didn't relax at all. Kate felt his heart ache when she gently put her hand on his eyebrows to smooth his eyebrows over and over again.

The next day, when the sun was shining, Kate was awakened by a quick knock at the door. She rubbed against Brian's chest, crawled into bed and went back to sleep.

Generally speaking, Maria didn't dare to knock the door, so the only one who knocked at the door was Lily.

"Brother! Get up and have breakfast! " Lily shouted as she knocked on the door.

Lily's voice was so loud. Even Kate covered her ears, she still heard her voice.

"Lily!" Kate jumped up from the bed. Regardless of her naked body and her aching body, she shouted at the door.

What Kate hated most was being disturbed when she was sleeping.

After her shouting, Kate suddenly remembered that the girl at the door seemed to be Brian's si

d opened the curtain. Suddenly, she saw the figures of Brian and Lily in the yard.

Lily held Brian's arm with a sweet smile and walked around him. He still had a wooden face and nodded occasionally as a reply.

As the sun set, the scenery was beautiful.

Kate tittered. As if he Noticed her glance, Brian raised his head, looked straight into her eyes and smiled. Kate was a little stunned and quickly drew back the curtain. She leaned against it and held her heart, who was beating wildly for a long time.

"Brother, what are you looking at?" Perplexed, Lily looked in the direction of Brian's gaze. All she could see was the white wall. She looked at Brian's face in confusion, and looked at the walls of the villa. She really didn't understand why Brian laughed.

Seeing Brian still didn't move, Lily tugged at his sleeve impatiently. "Let's go. I want to have a look over there. I haven't been here for a long time." she then dragged Brian away with a smile.

In the bedroom, Kate poked her head out carefully after she thought that they had gone far. Her heart was suddenly at ease when she saw the receding figures of Brian and Lily.

Well, she didn't do anything wrong. Why was she afraid of being seen by him? Kate knocked on her head. Thinking of Brian's smile to her, she giggled

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