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   Chapter 118 Mona Was In Drunken Brawls

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"Brian, I hope we can cooperate happily this time." Mona restrained her sad expression and smiled brightly at Brian.

Then, Kate took a glance at Mona. She had to admit that Mona was really beautiful and charming. She just gave out a smile, the breath of coquettish was exuded around her.

When Mona felt that Kate was looking at her with bare eyes, Mona glared at Kate fiercely, and Kate withdrew her gaze with a smile. Kate had a big hobby of looking at beauties in her life. Although she didn't like Mona, her taste was still good.

But when facing Mona, Brian said calmly, "Let's start."

Kate acted as a secretary of Brian. She recorded all the information.

The negotiation only lasted half an hour and it was coming to an end. What's more, Brian had brought benefits to the maximum with a few words. Looking at this scene, Kate could not help but admire him.

"Mr. Brian, you are indeed a talent in business. I'm very impressed." Justin said sincerely.

On the other side, Mona didn't say anything. From the beginning to the end of the negotiation, she was as silent as Kate and was totally ignored. She looked sullen somewhat.

Mona had thought she could take advantage of this opportunity to get back to Brian. She didn't expect that Justin would follow her and that Kate would come with Brian. What was even more unexpected was that she couldn't say a word during their negotiation.

"Mr. Justin is also an excellent man." Said Brian in a calm voice, looking at Justin.

It was meant to be a compliment, but Brian said it quietly.

At that time, the dishes and the wine on the table had not been finished. So, Justin raised his glass and invited, "May the cooperation between Chen group and Li group have a perfect ending."

Brian nodded. He raised his glass and drank up with Justin. After that, Justin poured another glass of wine and raised it to look at Kate with a smile, "Miss Kate, may you find your own happiness. "

Kate was stunned by Justin's words. She didn't expect that he would say something like that.

"Happiness? It was snatched from others. " With a mocking smile on Mona's face, she raised his glass and drank it all up.

What Mona said lightened the atmosphere.

"Cousin Mona, you are drunk." Justin frowned, took Mona's glass calmly and said.

Unexpectedly, Mona snatched the wine glass back from Justin. She said coldly with her red lips and blurred eyes staring at Justin, "I'm not drunk."

Kate was worried about Mona. She only took notes during the negotiation, but Mona was drinking all the time. It was strange that she didn't get drunk.

"Mr. Brian, I'll take her home. Excuse me." Justin helped Mona stand up and bowed apologetically to Kate and Brian.

"It doesn't matter." Kate hastily replied.

Justin was frowning while his eyes were fixed on Kate. But Kate kept her eyes on the direction of Brian, so she had no idea of Justin's gaze.

When Justin was about t

With his eyes staring straight ahead, Brian ignored what Kate said.

Kate cleared her throat, smiled and said, "The night scene in Z city is really nice."

Brian still made no response.

Kate felt so snubbed so she didn't say anything more. She turned her head and looked at the scenery morosely. It was said that women's heart was complicated, but she thought Brian's heart was complicated. She wondered what he was crazy about. Kate frowned and cursed Brian in her mind.

After returning to the villa, Kate wanted to open the door and get out of the car to escape from the low pressure, but Brian had no intention of letting her off. They were in a stalemate for a while. Then Brian turned to her and asked coldly, "Did Justin accompany you to the hospital? Did you go to C city together? "

Hearing Brian's words, Kate's hands that was trying to open the door suddenly froze. 'How did he know?'

"We just..." Kate wanted to explain something.

But before Kate could finish her words, Brian interrupted her, "You only need to answer 'yes' or 'no'."

Kate lowered her head with a guilty conscience and said, "Yes."

"Is he your mother pleased with?" Brian asked again.

"Yes..." Kate could only answer in a low voice.

"Good." Hearing that, Brian sneered. His dark eyes looked at her deeply. His eyes were like a black hole that could swallow her at any time.

Under the gaze of Brian, Kate felt herself so weak that she didn't dare to say anything reasonable.

After a long time, when Kate was almost out of breath by the depressing atmosphere. Brian opened the door and went out of the car. On seeing that, Kate got a shock and also quickly opened the door of the car. When she was about to go out of the car, she found that Brian was standing in front of her.

Kate was stunned and thought, 'Is this man a God?' What an amazing speed...

Brian slightly bent down, and carried Kate on his shoulder, striding off to the villa.

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