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   Chapter 116 The Temper Of Kate

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"But that's the truth." Lily had become less aggressive. She wriggled to free herself from Kate.

"You know nothing! Do you think your mother is very noble? " Kate's hands were clenching Lily's collar, and the blue veins stood out on her skin. Her tone was extremely sharp.

"Let me go!" Lily was choked by her collar. She could hardly breathe.

Seeing Lily's pale face and dark lips, Kate suddenly loosened her hands on Lily and threw her onto the sofa. She gawked at her own hands, and the scene of ten years suddenly reappeared in her mind.

Juliet in an ugly face called others to kick and punch her mother. Juliet tore her mother's clothes on the street. She stood in front of her mother desperately, but was kicked away by those burly men. Everyone looked at them with a strange look, but no one stood out to help them.

From then on, Kate had made up her mind to be strong and defeat those who had bullied her.

But what Lily said was also right. Her mother was a mistress, and Juliet was the wife.

Looking at Kate's dark face, Lily covered her chest and coughed violently. She was gasping for fresh air, and she didn't know that Kate would be stimulated by this matter.

Hearing the coughing sound, Kate came to her senses. She looked at Lily's pale face and felt a little bit guilty. After all, it was Juliet who did the wrong thing, not Lily.

"I'm sorry. I don't like anyone to call me mom mistress. " Kate patted on Lily's back and whispered.

Hearing Kate's apology, Lily was a little stunned. Then she said indifferently, "Forget it. Anyway, the world is so messy. It's hard to tell who is right and who is wrong."

Kate smiled bitterly and thought, 'ALL right, how can I judge who is right and who is wrong between them?' But could Lily say that to her?

"Well! If so, you and my brother have the same father but different mother. " Lily suddenly shouted and looked at Kate strangely.

"William is not my biological father." Kate rolled her eyes at Lily and sat down beside her.

Lily lowered her head with a complicated look on her face.

Kate turned around to look at Lily. She remembered that Brian had told that William was not a good father, nor a good husband. Kate suddenly opened her mouth and said, "William said that you, Colin and Brian are all his most proud children."

"Okay," Lily didn't react very much.

"Lily, are you have conflicts with William?"

"Of course not." Lily played with her fingers and said carelessly.

Kate looked at Lily suspiciously. But Lily turned her face away and stood up, "You're so long winded. If you don't go back to work, I'll ask my brother to deduct your salary."

Kate smiled and took Lily's hand. She said with a smile, "you're good at cooking. Come on!"

When Lily heard what Kate had said, she stared at her with her eyes wide open and said angrily, "You ate it too!"

"Yes." Kate ignored Lily's excited tone and continued to smile.

"Kate!" Lily's face flushed with anger.

"Well, I even praised you." Kate said with a big smile on her face.

Lily tried to break free from her hands, but Kate d

d her in his arms, bowed her head and kissed her. Then he reluctantly let her go to the front passenger seat and drove by himself. Kate gently grasped her hands and looked out of the window with her cheeks flushing.

Brian took her to the hospital to visit grandmother. Although they just accompanied grandma for a while every time, Kate knew that it was the Brian's kindness.

Grandmother was very important to Brian.

Kate didn't want to disturb Brian's time with his grandma, so she found an excuse to get out. She didn't like hospital very much, especially at night, which would make people feel very stuffy.

"Girls nowadays don't even know how to protect themselves. They have children at an early age, but they don't have the ability to raise them. Therefore, they can only have an abortion."

"Yes, you is right. They're even not paying attention to it. It is very harmful for girls to abort."

Several nurses walked past Kate who were chatting with each other.

It suddenly occurred to Kate that there were no measures to be taken against her relationship with Brian. If she was really pregnant, she couldn't hide it from her mother. It couldn't be such a coincidence...

A gust of cold wind blew in the hospital, which made Kate shiver and felt her back was cold. What the nurses said reminded her...

'How long would she hide that she had married Brian from Mary? How could she deal with this thing?' As time went on, Kate was getting more and more restless. She was afraid of facing Mary's disappointment. She feared too much.

This event had been on Kate's mind all this time. When she saw a pharmacy on the roadside, she couldn't help but pull the sleeves of Brian and said, "Stop the car first..."

Parking the car, Brian turned around and stared at her.

"Well..." Kate lowered her head and hemmed and hawed.

"What?" Brian frowned slightly.

"I want to buy something in the pharmacy." Kate tried to be brave and said.

"Buy what?"

Kate shrank her head to her chest, and then she said in a low voice, "The contraceptive..."

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