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   Chapter 114 The Startup Of The Holiday Resort

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When Kate arrived at the company, she raised her head and saw the hanging bell on the building of Li group. It was exactly ten o'clock.

Kate lowered her head in frustration. Why was she in such a hurry since she was late? Thinking of this, Kate sighed and dejectedly walked into the company.

She didn't know that all this had been seen by Brian.

"President?" A general manager of a branch company cautiously called Brian. He did not dare to speak too loud, afraid of disturbing Brian's thinking.

Brian, who was leaning against the window, turned back and walked slowly to his desk. "Go on."

The general manager of the branch company dared not to look up at Brian and reported obsequiously because Brian's cold and majestic tone.

When Kate reached the ninety-fifth floor, she was several minutes late. Kate carefully stepped into the president's exclusive area and she intended to go to the secretary's office unwittingly.


"Miss Kate, why are you lowering your head?" Jacob's teasing voice came above Kate's head.

Kate stared at him angrily, "It's none of your business."

Jacob raised his hand to look at the watch and said slowly, "Miss Kate, if I remember the work schedule correctly, you are late now. And, as far as I know, it's the second time that you did such thing. "

'Damn it. Is it fun to remember such a trifle so clearly?'

Kate cursed in her mind.

Kate looked at Jacob's face and smiled. "Jacob, I heard that you had a fiancée recently. Are you very busy? Oh, have you forgotten the woman you called her lunatic? "

At the mention of this thing, Jacob's face darkened and he kept silent.

Kate looked at Jacob for a while, and was it he who took away the chastity of Lora?

"All right, all right, I won't say it any more." Jacob got a headache at the mention of this thing.

Kate tittered and swaggered back to the secretary's office.

"Good morning, Kate." As soon as Kate entered the secretary's office, Lea smiled and greeted her.

"Good morning." Kate also smiled back at them.

After a simple greeting, Kate returned to her desk and began to deal with all kinds of stuff. The land that Brian had asked her to take charge of, Kate had a complete plan that could be started after the review of Brian.

Kate was excited and motivated when she thought she would have a holiday resort of her own design.

"Kate, why does the president ask you to take charge of this project? This is not the work of a secretary." During the rest time, Vicky came over and curiously looked at the documents in Kate's hands.

"I also feel a little strange. But since it's the order of the president, he must have his own idea. Those of us who are subordinates just have to do what the superior wants us to do." Said Kate with a big smile on her face.

Vicky nodded, "You are right." Then she said with a faint smile, "If you're more capable, I'm afraid I'll give you the pos

Brian with a strange look. Did he ask her to manage the money? What was he up to?

"Are you late for work this morning?" Instead of saying more, Brian asked a question that had nothing to do with the card.

Kate blinked, her eyes turning fast, and finally laughed and said, "I didn't see the message in time, so I was a little bit late, just a little bit late."

While Kate spoke, she gestured to Brian, a little bit...

"So you are late." Brian picked up the teacup on the table and had a sip elegantly. His gestures were full of nobility and majesty.

Kate glanced at Brian. When she was sighing about the temperament of Brian, she couldn't help cursing the man in her mind. 'What a mean guy! She was just a little bit late?' Did he have to be so picky?

"Who told you not to wake me up today?" Kate mumbled discontentedly. 'It was all Brian's fault. If he had asked her to get up, how could she be late?'

"Don't shift the blame on others." This time, Brian pointed out that what Kate had done was unforgivable.

Kate's hand holding the gold card was frozen in the air. She didn't know what to do.

"You need to responsible for my lunch in the future. It's not a high floor of our company." Said Brian, looking at Kate leisurely.

'She was in charge of his lunch! In other words, she just went to run errands for him!'

"Can I say no?" Kate raised her hand and asked.

"No way." Brian laughed.

Kate lowered her head.

The evilest Brian

"I prefer the food in the South Breeze Restaurant." Brian looked at the card in Kate's hand, smiled and said, "I have saved your salary in this card."

The implication was that he would not give her any more salary

Kate didn't know what Brian meant. She was very happy to hear that Brian had transferred her salary to her bank account.

"I don't want to wait. You'd better come back in half an hour." Looking at his watch, Brian said slowly.

Then, Kate ran out of the door.

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