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   Chapter 113 The Question Of Money

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"You want to back?" Brian stared at her and asked her lightly. When he talked about the Li mansion, his tone was always indifferent. It seemed to be the Antarctic pole which was frozen thousands of miles away to him.

Seeing his dark face, Kate giggled and said after a while: "I don't want to go back there. Didn't you ask me to tutor Lily? I'm just asking. "

After her first encounter with William in Li's mansion, Kate used to think that she would never return to that place, but as time went on, her hatred of Li's mansion seemed to have faded.

She hated Juliet for her snobbish nature, as well as William's concealment. But on second thought, it was not completely unforgivable.

William had kept the truth from her and her mother for so long, just because he was afraid of losing them.

"You're quite enthusiastic." The fingers gently scraped her delicate nose, and the expression on Brian face was erratic.

"Sure, you promised me to raise my salary if I help Lily get good grades." Kate took Brian's words as a praise and said proudly.

"Don't you think your pay will be raised even faster if you flatter me?" Said Brian, raising his eyebrows.

Kate was stunned and couldn't help but pat her thigh, and said: "Oh, right! Why didn't I think of this! Boss, you have told me a new way. "

After saying that, she looked up and accidentally saw the smile full of the eyes of Brian. Kate was so scared that her whole body trembled. Her mouth that was still open suddenly froze. She was so excited that she had forgotten who Brian was

"I was just kidding." Kate was trying to muddle through.

"You like money?" The corners of Brian's mouth slightly quirked up. He stared into Kate's starry eyes and asked slowly.

His words sounded like a butcher's knife on a millstone. Kate blinked and the sharp and shining butcher knife came at her.

"I didn't!" Kate denied at once.

"Well, since you don't like money, I'll tell the financial department to save money for the company." Brian smiled, which was like a cold blade light in Kate's eyes.

Chills rose from her back. She couldn't take any advantage of Brian when dealing with him.

All of a sudden, Kate felt that she had suffered a great loss. It was her who had lost her heart and virgin. He had to take one of the most fun in her life which is making money!

"How can you do this!" Kate thought it was not fair. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Then, she shouted at Brian. "It's not fair to me!"

"Why?" Facing Kate's fury, Brian asked unhurriedly while stroking her hair.

"That's my hard-earned money. How can you hurt it?" There were determination and determination on Kate's face as if she was defending her child.

"When did I hurt it?" Brian said with a calm Smile, but his voice trailed off when he was trying to pronounce the word "it".

Kate was speechless for a moment and glared at him angrily who was unaffected. He still smiled

Kate stared at Brian's face. Well, what a goo

he shock. How could she not be shocked? It was the first time that she had seen such a shiny golden card

And the password was her birthday. Wasn't this supposed to be a gift from Brian?

But after she came to herself, Kate thought it over and found that there was something strange about it.

Didn't that guy say he would deduct her salary last night? How could he change his mind overnight and give her the gold card. There must be a big scheme behind this.

There was no way that Brian did things without any intention. Kate checked the memo carefully as she was thinking.

Well, get to the company before ten o'clock. Otherwise

Kate looked at the time. It was half past nine.

She trembled and rushed out of the study, packed up some necessities and rushed out of the door quickly.

"Peter, hurry up! I'm going to the company!" Kate shouted at Peter, who was washing the car. Peter was scared by her sudden shout and looked back at her confusedly.

However, when seeing Kate's anxious face, Peter opened the car door for her directly.

Kate sat on the sofa in the car with all her body active.

Kate gasped and complained in her mind, 'Boss, you are so strong. A word from you can change my life completely.'.

"Phew!" Kate looked at her phone. There was still fifteen minutes left. If everything went well, she could make it.

"Peter, thank you so much!" Kate breathed heavily and then expressed her thanks to Peter.

"Please don't say that, Miss. It's the order of boss." Peter replied politely.

Kate was speechless. All the men around her were loyal to Brian

She turned her head, and the gold card was tightly held in her hand. She looked out of the window and was completely back to the reality from the shock.

As the saying goes, "he who eats the food of others and takes things of others will owe others.". Though Kate's daily cost was paid by Brian and she loved money, her intuition told her that there must be a plot, so she could not take the card.

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