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   Chapter 111 Subdue Lily

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9536

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"You can leave first." Seeing the housekeeper still standing at the door respectfully, Kate greeted him.

The housekeeper nodded and left quietly.

Kate took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock on the door. "Lily, it's me."

"I don't want to see you! Get out of here! " As soon as Kate's words dropped, she heard something being smashed.

Kate was shocked by the sound of books smashing on the door. She couldn't help but feel sorry for the luxurious door of Li family. How much it would cost to change a door like this

"I brought some food. Would you like something to eat before getting angry?" Kate tried to speak in a softer tone. At this moment, she couldn't provoke Lily any more.

There was a moment of silence in the room, and Kate, who was standing at the door, didn't say anything either. Her hand, holding the plate, was about to freeze.

"If you don't say anything, I'll come in." Said Kate.

There was still no reply. After hesitating for a while, Kate gently pushed open the front door.

Lily jumped from the bed, picked up the book on the table and threw it to Kate. "Who let you in! Get out of here! "

Kate easily avoided the attack of the book. With the desserts in her hands, she walked closer to Lily with a lovely smile. "I asked for your opinion just now, and your acquiescence represents your consent."

Then he put the plate on the table and sat beside Lily's bed.

"Who gave you the right to sit down! Get up! " Lily was furious at Kate's random behavior. She stared at her angrily and tried to push her away.

Kate was a weak woman when she was in front of Brian. But now, she was a tough woman in front of Lily.

However, even though Lily pushed her, Kate didn't move an inch.

"Lily, don't make your parents worry about you, okay?" Said Kate slowly.

Hearing that, Lily slowly lowered her head and gently grabbed the sheet. "They won't worry about me."

Kate was stunned and smiled: "how is that possible? Every parents will worry about their own children. "

Lily shook her head, her head lower. "They wish I had never been alive. I don't love them, neither do they love me. They brought me up just out of legal obligation. "

Hearing this, Kate was shocked. She had always thought that Lily was the little princess of the Li family and everyone loved her. She didn't expect Lily to say such things to her.

"Maybe you haven't understood yet. When you grow up, you will understand what parents do. Parents love their children very much." Kate tried to comfort her in a soft tone. She raised her eyebrows and look like an elder sister.

"You don't understand." Lily rolled her eyes at Kate and retorted.

"Okay, okay. I don't understand. Let's not talk about it now. How about eating something first? " Kate didn't want to quarrel with this naive girl any more, she giggled and sai

ily looked unnatural. She pointed at the desk in the room and said, "there are the books."

"OK!" Kate gestured to Lily with a smile and then ran to the desk to sit down.

Lily didn't expect that Kate could take action so quickly. She got out of bed in a hurry and grabbed the book from Kate's hand. She looked at Kate warily.


Kate was confused and looked up at her.

Lily turned around. She took away all the papers in a rustle and then handed the book to Kate, "here you are."

After that, Lily went to check the other parts of the body.

Lily's behavior amused Kate. When she was in college, she focused on studying hard to get a chance to be a better university student, and she was disgusted with boys, so she didn't care about being in love. She didn't have such secret feelings at all.

"What are you laughing at?" Lily asked with a frown.

"Nothing. I just think you are cute." Kate's skill of flattering had reached the highest stage. She casually spoke out something to praise the grandeur of the world.

Lily was a little stunned by her words. She then let out a snort and turned her face to the other side obstinately.

Kate kept her bright smile, spread out her book, and read the test paper carefully. Then she buried herself in work, while Lily was neglected.

The serious look on Kate's face was totally different from the grinning face just now. Lily was a little stunned. It turned out that this was the kind of person her brother liked.

Lily couldn't help but recall that the awards and trophies left by Kate in Z University were something she would never do. Looking at the note in her hand, Kate was in a daze.

In fact, Kate was right. Even if her sister-in-law was not Kate, she would be someone else. She would never be with Brian. If that secret was exposed, her mother, her second elder brother and she would all be thrown out of Li family.

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