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   Chapter 110 About The Wedding Ceremony

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When they walked out, they just saw Lily who was coming towards them. Lily's eyes were staring at Brian's hand that was hugging Kate's waist and her face suddenly sank.

Kate peered at Brian. Lily was so obvious that Brian could see that.

"Brother, everyone is waiting for you," Lily smiled and walked up to him. She hugged the other arm of Brian.

Seeing this, Kate wanted to let go of Brian's hand. But it was too strong for her. On the other side, Lily had been staring at her. The two's eyes met in the air.

"Lily, leave my arm." Brian frowned and looked back at Lily.

Lily pouted her mouth unhappily and snorted, "I don't want that. Brother, don't you love me anymore after you have my sister-in-law?" She was staring straight at Brian. Kate was shocked by Lily's courage. Lily was a brave girl who dared to love and hate.

"Isn't it good that one more people loves you?" Brian said in a low voice, sounding as worried and dignified as an elder brother.

"I..." Lily lowered her head and her hands were in a mess.

After a moment's hesitation, Lily glared at Kate bitterly and began to complain, "she didn't love me at all. She even hit me last night! and robbed my things! "

Kate felt wronged. 'when did I hit Lily?'? When did she rob her things?

Kate took a glance at Brian. Lily was his sister. If he trusted Lily more, she would suffer a lot. As far as Kate knew about Brian, Brian was very vindictive and it was hard to predict when he would take his revenge.

"She is your elder." It seemed that Brian didn't stand up for anyone but said a fact.

But they all knew that Kate was Lily's elder sister and Lily should listen to her.

"She doesn't look like an elder at all, and she is just four years older than me!" Lily shouted at him with discontent.

With Brian's being here, Lily wasn't so afraid anymore.

"Lily, No matter how she looks like, as long as I am your brother, she is your sister-in-law." Brian said in a low, stern voice.

Kate was stunned. Although his words were to Lily, they sounded like a promise to her.

It seemed that he had given his promise to her all his life.

Lily gave Kate an angry stare and ran away, off Brian's arm.

"What are you thinking about?" Brian slightly rubbed Kate's nose and asked.

Kate came back to her senses and blushed. She scratched her hair and said casually: "is it okay to let her go out like this? Are you too harsh on her? "

"She has to distinguish some feelings by herself." Brian said slightly.

Kate was stunned. Judging from the tone of Brian, it seemed that he had already known Lily's feelings for him. Was the reason why he always took the gesture of brother for Lily to make her understand.

At the thought of this, Kate felt her worries about herself last night were worthless. She was hesitant for a long time if she should tell this to Brian. It turned out that Brian had already known it.

No wonder he majored in psychology. He could find out everything. Kate thought with admiration.

While they were talking, they had arrived at the restaurant.

ed her hand and said, "I'll go and see her."

With a suspicious and disdainful look, Juliet glanced at Kate, as if she was wondering what was in Kate's mind.

"Okay, Kate. You two are about the same age. Maybe she has something bothering her." William gave Kate a forced smile. If Lily and Kate could get along well with each other, it also would be a good thing.

Kate nodded and stood up with her hands on the table.

Seeing this, Brian looked at her with slight frown.

Kate quickly smiled and waved her hand to show that she was fine.

"Then I'll go to see Lily. You enjoy the meal first." Kate greeted them politely and took a plate of snacks. She didn't even look at Juliet during the meal.

This little detail made Juliet very dissatisfied, but she could not find fault with Kate in front of so many people. So she had to put up with it.

Then Kate turned around and left.

The Li family's mansion was very big. Kate followed the housekeeper down the spiral stairs to the second floor. Through the window of the second floor, she could see vast garden where Lavender danced with the wind.

Looking at the sea of flowers, Kate was stunned for a moment. Lavender was Mary's favorite flower.

Kate shook her head. She was thinking too much. How could William grow a lavender in his backyard just for his mother's sake? Besides, as far as Kate knew, Brian's mother also liked lavender.

The quality of the photo in Brian's villa was not very clear. It was not until from Aunt Jasmine's mobile phone that Kate saw what Jean looked like. At that time, she was also surprised, because when Jane was young, she looked like Mary.

There was only one person who William had loved from the very beginning

Kate smiled bitterly. Although she didn't want to get involved in the elders' entanglement, it had everything to do with her and she couldn't get rid of it.

"Madam, this way please." A voice suddenly brought Kate back from her reverie.

Suddenly, Kate realized that she had already walked to the door of Lily's bedroom.

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