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   Chapter 109 Infatuation Period

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Kate fixed her eyes on her hand and didn't dare to blink. She was frozen to death.

With that, Brian lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. "Kitten, you know, I can't control myself."

"What the hell! You can't control yourself!"!

It was another sunny day. Kate slowly woke up from a deep sleep. As soon as she looked up, she ran into the man's dark eyes.

"Humph!" Kate glared at Brian and turned her head away.

"What?" Instead of getting angry, Brian laughed and kissed her.

After a long while, Kate was taken to the bathroom to have a bath. At the same time, Brian helped her put on the new prepared clothes. She was so sleepy that she wanted to sleep.

"Have a good rest today. Don't go anywhere." Frowning, Brian said in a low voice.

"No way." Kate immediately refuted. It was a joke. She was still in the Li mansion. What if Juliet or William, saw her so pitiful? She didn't want to lose face in front of others

Every time she saw Murphy, she would have kicked her out of the Pacific. She wouldn't have ended up like this if Murphy hadn't played a trick on her.

"Can you walk?" There was suspicion in Brian's eyes.

"Who says that I can't walk? I can walk in circles!" Hearing the suspicious tone of Brian, Kate's competitive nature came up at once, shouting at Brian.

Brian nodded slightly and released her. He pointed at the floor with a meaningful look. "Have a try."

With a snort, Kate pushed away Brian and rudely jumped down on the ground.

When she just fell to the ground, her legs were so soft that she was about to fall.

But then she was quickly pulled back

te die a hundred times.

"I'm so scared. Brian. What if mother knows all of this one day? " Kate muttered. She was asking about Brian, but also herself.

Hearing that, Brian lowered his head and kissed her hair, with his eyebrows frowning slightly. It was not the first time that Kate had mentioned that to him. Mary was like the silver river in the night sky, which separate the heart between two sides so that they couldn't really touch each other.

"Honey, don't think too much. Trust me, wait for me." Brian looked far away over Kate's head.

As far as Brian knew, Mary was always an indelible position in Kate's heart, and Kate's only concern was Mary.

"Yes." Kate responded in a low voice. The only thing she could do now was to trust him and believe that he could do everything well. But Kate couldn't trust Brian with her whole heart. When it comes to Mary, nothing could go wrong with Kate.

After a while, they looked at each other and burst into laughter. Kate blushed and lowered her head. She felt that they were.. It seemed to be.. in infatuation period

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