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   Chapter 104 CEO's Childhood

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After the car stopped, Kate woke up in confusion. She raised her head a little and saw the handsome face of Brian. Then she turned to look out of the window.

This was not Li's house, but the biggest hospital in Z City, where Brian's grandmother was.

Kate slowly came back to her senses, stretched her arms and legs, and nestled comfortably in Brian's arms.

"You don't want to get off?" Brian poked her cheek.

"No, I didn't." Kate retorted rapidly, struggling to jump down from the arms of Brian, but she was too weak to fight against him. She tried several times but failed.

She raised her head, rolled her eyes at him and said, "it's you who didn't allow me to do so."

The expression in her eyes was very clear. It was not because she was reluctant to leave, but because she had no other choice.

With Brian's clouded, the hand that was used to poke her cheek turned into the tip of her nose. Kate's nose was one of her favorite points. Naturally, she couldn't let Brian break it. She patted heavily on the hand of Brian and shouted: "let go of your stinky hand. Don't pinch my nose!"

She was like a little girl who was bullied by others but had no power to fight back.

Kate's action made him suddenly feel great. He let go of her. Kate immediately touched her delicate nose and looked at Brian with hidden bitterness. Like a bullied little wife, she was too sad to say a word.

Brian leaned over, kissed her nose and carried her off the car.

"I have my foot Ah... " Before Kate could finish her words, she was held around by Brian and circled around before he put her down.

Kate was shocked and patted on her chest. She glanced at Brian speechlessly and muttered, "I'm not a kid anymore..." She was freaked out by what he was doing.

"You doesn't look like a child." With his eyes wandering around Kate's body, Brian looked at her breasts and made a faint conclusion.

Kate's face turned red as she was insulted by the man's eyes. She stared at Brian, her hands clenched into fists. But she didn't utter a word.

If he was not her boss, she would definitely teach this rascal a lesson. In addition to his handsome appearance and strong background, this rascal had no other advantages. He had so many flaws!

Seeing that Kate's face was red because of anger but she didn't dare to say anything, Brian smiled gently, took her hand and walked into the hospital.

Behind Brian, Kate could not help looking around. This place was still a little strange to her. She had not come here to see grandma for a long time. She was not sure about the wish she made with Brian last time.

"Is grandma okay now?" Kate whispered to the man walking in front of her.

Brian didn't reply her.

Kate wanted to ask more, but they had entered grandmother's exclusive room.

A group of doctors surrounded grandmother. When they saw Brian and Kate come in, the doctors quickly dispersed, leaving only a few doctors in a relatively older age.

"Hello, Mr. Li." The doctors nodded at Brian r

t future. That's why I allow William to take him away. When he was ten years old, he was sent abroad. Except for tuition fees, he did not accept any gift from William. Except for the mid-autumn festival every year, Brian rarely comes back. "

"Later, my condition worsened. When Brian came back from abroad, he completely took over the Li group. At that time, he was just 18. Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... " The old lady coughed badly, held Kate's hands tightly, and insisted on telling her the truth.

"Grandma!" Kate shouted and hurriedly pressed the emergency lamp on the bedside table when she saw the old lady kept coughing.

After a while, many doctors rushed in and took the old granny away. Kate followed up with them in a hurry. At the door, she saw Brian in a freezing face. He didn't even look at her. Instead, he put all his attention on the old granny in the hospital bed.

The old lady was sent into the emergency room.

Standing at the door of the emergency room, the look on Brian's face was horribly gloomy, and it was obvious that he was worried and afraid. He was completely different from the confident one as usual.

In his eyes, his grandma was the most important family member in the world for him.

Kate looked at him carefully. She didn't know his past would be like this. She had always thought that her past was the worst. He had never told her about all these.

"Grandma will be fine," Standing in front of him, Kate stretched out her hands and gently held him. What she could do now was to accompany him.

"I'm fine." The voice of Brian was hoarse. He hugged her tightly as if she was the last straw that could save him. "Grandma will be fine, too."

He said these words not only to her, but more like to comfort himself.

Kate was out of breath by his hug and she couldn't help whispering: "Brian, calm down."

Hearing the woman's voice in his arms, Brian finally came to his sense. He quickly released Kate, who gently patted her chest and coughed.

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