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   Chapter 102 Take Over Jacob's Work

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Hearing what Lora said, Kate was so angry that she almost overturned the table, "you are the one who suffered losses. How can you forgive him so easily!"

"What would you do if the CEO left you suddenly?" asked Lora, looking at Kate Are you still begging him to be together with you? "

This question made Kate stunned.

Would she keep pestering Brian if he suddenly left her? Of course not. Kate hoped that she could had the chance and she could go home to spend life with her mother.

But when she thought that Brian would leave her one day, Kate was depressed.

Kate looked at Lora, who used to be casual and cheerful, but when she really loved someone, she was more reserved than anyone else.

"Then what are you going to do next?" Asked Kate.

"It's okay. Just take it as my mistake." As soon as he waved his hand, Lennon looked imposing.

"Hahaha..." Kate laughed and put the chicken drumsticks that she was unwilling to give away before in front of Lora, saying: "it's so forthright of you. Reward you a chicken drumstick, if it really can't be redeemed, just let it be."

Lora picked up the chicken leg and took a sharp bite, so fierce that Kate thought it was Jacob's flesh instead of the chicken leg.

After eating a lot of food, Lora was in a better mood. By the way, Kate bought some food for Brian. Lora looked at Kate in a strange way, and Kate just laughed.

"Hey, you've been talking about my business. Don't you have to report to me the matters between you and the CEO?" Lora gave Kate a mean look.

"What do you want to know?" Thinking Lora just was crossed in love, Kate didn't reject her gossiping.

Speaking of gossips, Lora looked at Kate with her eyes shining, "How about you with the CEO? Didn't you say that you have married the CEO? Why don't you have a wedding ceremony? Or you are lying to me? "

"It's a complicated matter and I can't explain it clearly." Kate said in a profound tone. She looked down at Lora and smiled, "so, I think I'd better not talk about it anymore. But I've decided fighting with Mona lately. "

As for Wyatt, he didn't bother to ask her about her relationship with the prison. Although he was very interested in the glorious CEO, he was only attracted by his admiration. Besides, he could get the answer no matter how he asked about it.

"Mona is really your rival. Why do you always get involved with her?" Lora sighed for Kate.

Kate sighed and said: "yes."

After chatting for a while, they returned to the company. Lora was promoted so she had worked in the headquarters as a clerk.

Kate wanted to say that their professor was finally relieved. But before she could speak out anything, Lora added, "but I think the work in the restaurant is better, because I can eat whatever I want."

Kate was speechless.

After saying goodbye to Lora, Kate wanted to take the fast food to the CEO's office first. She stood at the do

of Brian. Anyway, she was used as a nanny by Bria in the afternoon.

"Vicky, check all the documents and print them out."

"Boss, Mr. Yi invites you to attend a 'Grand' opening ceremony,"

"Boss, here is the contract sent by Mr. Liao."

"Caro, check the data."

Kate ran between the CEO's office and the Secretary's office, and, of course, spent most of her time in the CEO's office.

When it was off duty time, all people in the Secretary office had left. Kate looked at the schedule, still calculating about Brian's following work. She really didn't understand whether Jacob had been pretending or he had been used to it.

"Boss, you have a lot of things to do." Kate stared at the schedule and sighed.

"Your task is to minimize my work. Do you understand?" Brian sat beside Kate, patted her head and said with a smile.

Kate, who just took charge of this position, didn't know what kind of activities could be cancelled and what was necessary

"Come here and massage me." Brian leaned on the sofa, pointed at his forehead and ordered naturally.

Hearing this, Kate didn't think too much. She knelt down beside him naturally and reached out her little hand to rub his temple.

Brian closed his eyes.

Looking at his tired face, Kate's heart ached. The higher your position was, the more hard you will be.

"Are you feeling better?" Kate softly asked as she rubbed his temple, with obvious care in her tone.

"Yes." Brian replied and pulled Kate who was kneeling beside him into his arms.

Kate didn't expect this and couldn't help screaming. She lied down on him and put her hands on his shoulder. The position was so ambiguous.

"Kitten." Holding her slender waist with one hand and holding her earlobe with another hand, the prison guard gently called her.

Kate quivered and her face had already turned red.

"CEO......" Kate struggled slightly, held on to his chest and tried to get up from him.

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