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   Chapter 101 The Headquarters' Difference

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Kate felt uncomfortable because of a cold, so she had stayed in the villa for several days.

After that incident because of Mona, Brian went to work and back home on time every day, and Kate didn't dare to go around and watch TV or play games at home every day.

As soon as she recovered from her cold, Kate, who was in a hurry, went to work with full energy with Brian.

She bent over the car window, watching the scenery whistling at the roadside. It was like a bird out of cage, relaxed and natural. Although she lived a comfortable life in the villa and Brian came back every day, she was not allowed to go out of the house for convalescence. She was really bored to death.

Turning his head, Brian stared at the pretty girl, with the corners of his mouth slightly rising.

"Such a good day!" Unaware of the burning eyes of the man behind her, Kate cheerfully said.

"Yes." Brian replied and lifted her over his laps.

Kate looked up at him slightly and then leaned on his shoulder quietly. Brian kissed her cheek with his big hand holding her small hand tightly.

After returning to the villa from the town, their relationship seemed to reach a higher level. Kate was less respect and timid to Brian, maybe because she had left the company for too long.

The luxury car went directly to the garage. Looking at the familiar environment, Kate smiled for a long time. Finally, she could come back to work. She wanted to have a holiday during her working days, but she also wanted to go to work after a long holiday. Kate simply couldn't stand being idle.

"I can go in from the outside." Kate hurried to let go of Brian's hand and smiled.

The colleagues were suspicious of her sudden appearance with Brian in the company after a long holiday.

It was strange that Kate rarely heard about her rumors with Brian in the company. Perhaps it was because of the suppression from Brian. The rumor appeared before, but it quickly disappeared.

With a slight frown, Brian glanced at Kate and dragged her into the elevator, ignoring her resistance.

"We will be misunderstood." Kate pushed him away and looked up at Brian with dissatisfaction.

Brian frowned. He didn't like hiding, but she liked the hide and seek game.

"There is nothing which could be misunderstanding." Brian stared at her and slowly asked.

After she heard him, Kate lowered her head in silence, with her hands clenched together and her mouth pouted as if she was suffering from injustice. She whispered, "Mom will know."

Since her mother knew the identity of Brian, she would naturally pay attention to the news about him. If their relationship was exposed to the public, her mother would absolutely come from a small city to Z City to take her back.

After all, what Kate was afraid of was Mary.

Hearing Mary's name, Brian didn't say anything. Kate quietly raised her head and took a glance at Brian, whose face was as dark and dark as the sky

n hour's walk.

"Kate, how's everything going with the CEO?" Sitting opposite to Kate, Lora looked at Kate with her bright eyes.

"It's just so so. It's not as magnificent as you and Jacob," Kate rolled her eyes at her and took a sip of tea. Before Lora could start gossip, she asked first: "when I returned to the company, I heard that Jacob was pestered by a woman. Is that you?"

Hearing this, Lora's face went pale. Then he gave Kate a glare and lowered his head, downcast. "It's not me. It's his fiancee."

Kate was stunned and asked, "does Jacob have a fiancee?"

Lora nodded and said lightly, "she is the younger sister of David. She is shy and lovely and seems to be a perfect match to Jacob."

"What are you talking about? Is that what you should say? Didn't you say that you would get Jacob's heart? " Kate poked Lora's forehead and said angrily.

Suddenly, something came to Kate's mind. She raised her voice as her hand froze on Lora's forehead, "David! Is he the cook? "

"Yes..." Lora replied plainly.

"Did anything happen between you and Jacob after you drank last time?" Kate looked at Lora and asked.

Hearing this, Lora lowered his head sadly, totally different from her usual self.

Kate took a look at Lora and kept silent.

After a while, in silence, Kate finally waited for the waiter to serve the dishes.

"It smells so good." Kate deliberately shouted.

Lora looked up at the dishes and said without any interest: "you eat first."

Kate was shocked and wondered where was the Lora who took away her food immediately?

"What do you want? Do you want to tell me that you also have any sorrow? " Kate rolled her eyes at Lora.

"Kate, I'm so sad." Lora looked at Kate with a sad face.

"Is it because of Jacob? If he dares not to take the responsibility, I will kill him. " Kate said to Lora while eating.

Hearing that, Lora smiled bitterly. "Forget it. It's not his fault. Just admit that I'm unlucky."

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