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   Chapter 100 Convalescence And Exercise

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Her mother said that Brian hated her for she stole his father?

Kate was just amused by his words, and wondered if William was really that important in Brian's heart? Although she had only met William and Brian be together once, she still felt that Brian was not so respectful to his father.

Although ten years had passed, she could feel that William loved her. He truly loved her.

But sometimes, Kate could also see the helplessness in William's eyes. She still remembered that he touched her head again and smiled helplessly. "Kate, if only your brother was half as obedient as you, I will be so happy."

At that time, Kate asked, "Brother? Does Kate have a brother? "

William quickly changed the topic.

When they were still lost in their memories, the bedroom door was pushed open. Kate looked up at the door and saw Brian slowly walking in with a bowl of noodles in his hands.

Looking at him, Kate felt stuffy in her chest.

"What's wrong?" Sitting next to her, Brian saw her red nose, so he pinched it gently and asked.

Kate shook her head and looked at the noodles in Brian's hand. She smiled and shouted: "I want the noodles."

Brian laughed. She held her in her arms, carefully blowing off the heat of the noodles, and then sent the noodles into her mouth. Kate thought it was troublesome, so she quickly grabbed the noodles from his hand and ate them up.

Although he knew that Kate was able to eat, Brian was still a little shocked when he saw the large bowl of noodles disappear in front of him in two minutes.

"It seems that you has almost recovered." Said Brian with a smile, touching her head.

"I'd like more." With the bowl in her hand, Kate pitifully looked at Brian.

With one hand on his forehead, he took the bowl from Kate's hand and put it on the table. Then he took a tissue and wiped the corner of her mouth, and said, "Eat it tomorrow. Take a shower and go to bed first."

Speaking of taking a bath, Kate remembered that she seemed not to have taken a shower one day and her body was dirty.

She blushed slightly, and hurriedly pushed Brian away, saying: "I'll take a bath first."

She wanted to jump out of the bed from the other side, but was hugged around the waist by Brian.

"Ah, what are you doing?" He carried Kate on his shoulder and entered the bathroom.

"Let's bath together." Brian smiled.

"Why?" Kate was shocked and shook her hands in panic.

"For saving water." Brian said curtly.

Kate rolled her eyes. She didn't expect Brian was so thrifty..

Then, Kate was stripped off and thrown into the bathtub while she was struggling to resist.

"Brian, What do you want?" Kate wra


With a slight twitch of the mouth, Brian held her in his arms, refraining from laughing, and asked seriously, "what does it look like?"

Hearing this, Kate flushed in an instant. She pressed her fingers against her own and lowered her head. She was hesitating but could not say a word.

"Good girl. Get up and have dinner if you don't have anything left." With an evil smile on Brian's face, Kate glanced at him and agreed with what her mother said.

Brian was a cunning, manipulative fox.

As a man, he must be very good at reading people's mind!

"No way! You You can't touch me without my permission in the future! " In desperation, Kate shouted at Brian.

"Tell me the reason." Said Brian slowly without being angry.

"The reason is is... " Kate stammered and her face blushed without saying anything out, "I Afraid of pain You You... "

Brian nodded.

"You agreed?" Kate asked him excitedly when she saw him nod.

Brian lowered his eyes and said seriously with a slight smile, "kitten, you need more exercise."

Kate of course knew what he meant by "exercise". All of a sudden, her brain was invaded by the "exercise" Brian said. Finally, she fell weakly on the big bed, holding the pillow, and just wanted to cry.

Why couldn't she win him every time? Her reasons were more convincing than his, and every time she was speechless because of Brian's words, she began to doubt her IQ.

"Eat some food, then you will have enery to exercise." The next second, Kate was pulled out the bed by Brian.

"Brian, you are son of bitch! Bastard! " Kate was so furious that she wanted to tweak Brian's ear, but her strength had been dried up by Brian. Her tweak could hurt Brian at all.

In the end, Kate was held away by Brian in his arms..

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