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   Chapter 99 Take Her Home

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After they went down the mountain, Kate was taken to the hospital last night by Brian.

The injection had just been put last night, so Kate felt sick when she saw the infusion bottle. She grabbed the arm of Brian and looked at him pitifully, unwilling to take the injection no matter what.

In the end, Brian had no choice but to ask the doctor to give her some antipyretics.

"Look. It's that woman again. Last night, it was another man who took her here. Is she that kind of woman? "

"She is so lucky. This man is more handsome than that one."

"He's so handsome!"

"Shh, be quiet."

Groups of nurses passed by Kate and talked about her.

Kate's heart trembled and she lowered her head with a guilty conscience. But even so, she could still feel the strong pressure and terrible anger from the man next to her.

Judging from Brian's stingy personality, she was in danger.

"Who brought you here last night?" Brian asked coldly.

"I feel dizzy..." Kate lowered her head and whispered, pretending to be very weak.

"Kate." Brian stared at her and called out her name word by word. Every word of her was like an awl hitting her chest, and she felt a dull pain in her chest.

A thin whimper came from her chest. She looked up at him and complained aggrievedly, "I'm sick, but you scold me! Where were you when I was sick yesterday? "

Hearing this, Brian was a little shocked. Looking at her red eyes, he felt more pity and pitiful. Brian moved his hands and gently held Kate in his arms. He said in a low voice, "it's all my fault, my sweetheart. Don't cry."

"Okay." Kate replied in a low voice and wiped her tears on Brian's clothes.

"Silly girl." Said Brian, touching her hair lovingly.

Kate forgot that they were still in the hospital and hugged him. How could he know how much she wanted to be with him last night? How could he know that she was dependent and afraid.

"Cough Sir, the medicine is ready. " It was not until an old doctor's voice came that Kate blushed and pushed away Brian. With her head down, she held her fingers and was so shy that she wanted to hide herself in a hole.

Brian took over the medicine with composure, and took the rabbit with its head down away.

After they got back to the car, Brian held Kate in his arms. After taking the medicine, Kate was still dizzy and sleepy. She found a place and fell asleep defenselessly.

Looking down at the woman who was sleeping soundly in his arms, the tenderness in Brian's dark eyes was getting deeper. His long and slender fingers were lovingly wrapped around the soft hair of Kate. For the first time, he found that the woman also adorable.

It's so cold. Where is the fire?

Kate walked alone in the cold and snowy world, looking for the fire. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the distance. Bearing the piercing coldness, Kate walked towards the light step by step. Then she saw a flame.

As she got closer, the fire warmed h

, her palms sweating, and her voice trembled out of fear.

"I guessed. But judging from your tone, I guess I am right. " She said indifferently.

"Kate, could you please understand mom's mood? You are my only daughter. Do you want us to live the rest of our lives under the ridicule of the Li family? Or you are actually looking down on your mother, because I was once a mistress? " Mary gradually calmed down.

Kate's nose twitched. How could she look down upon her mother? And her mother didn't know William had got married at that time. She only blamed on William.

"No, I didn't." Kate muttered.

"Listen to mom, break up with Brian and don't spend your whole life for him and break all relations with the Li family. Besides, resign and not to stay in the Li group any longer. Come back to the small town. " Mary said.

Back then, the reason why Mary made Kate work in the Li group was that she didn't know what was the relationship between the Li group and William. They didn't expect that William would be in Z city. After all, there were so many companies which called Li group name in many places.

Hearing this, Kate was almost out of breath.

Mary had made up her mind not to accept Brian.

"Mother, let's talk about it later. I'm going to bed now. It's too late." Said Kate.

"You know what? This time you came back, I didn't plan to let you go back to Z city. I didn't expect Brian to be more thoughtful than me. Kate, you are really cheated by him. He hates us. Do you know that? Because you have stolen his father, he is more cunning than your father William. " Mary said.

"Mom, don't always think so badly of others. This world is not as complicated as you think." Kate tried to calm herself down and asked in a more mild tone.

"I am really tired, mom. I am going to sleep." Without waiting for Mary's answer, Kate said and hung up.

Kate put her phone aside and buried her head in her knees, thinking about what her mother said.

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