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   Chapter 98 The Hot Spring Trip With The CEO

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9764

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Kate slept well. She didn't wake up until dawn.

"Well..." With her hands on Brian's chest, she raised her head from his arms.

Kate was stunned when she saw the man's warm smile. When she was in a daze, the man bent down and grabbed her lips, and Kate kissed him back in a daze.

After a long time, Brian let go of her. Kate was still in a daze. She dimly rubbed her eyes before she could see clearly what Brian looked like.

"Hello, Boss!" Kate blurted out reflexively. It was not until then that she realized her relationship with Brian had been severed from boss and subordinate.

With a smile, Brian lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. "Good morning."

"That's too bad. My mom and other people will look for me!" Kate was scared as she thought of the night when she didn't return and almost falled on the ground. Luckily, Brian was strong enough to hold her, who was jumping up and down.

When she thought that her mother and other men would come to this place and see her with Brian, Kate was heartbroken. She wanted to struggle, but in vain.

"Let go of me! They'll come!" Kate cried and looked at Brian in panic.

"Sweetie, don't be afraid. I let them go back first. " When he saw Kate's frightened face, he suddenly felt a slight pain in his heart and comforted her while patting her back gently.

Kate was a little stunned and looked at him blankly. Then, Brian handed her phone to her, and she looked through it.

His mother called her in the morning, but he refused to answer.

At the same time, Brian sent a message.

"I'm back to Z city."

Then nothing else appeared. Kate guessed that it might be because Brian had turned off her phone.

"What How can you do that? How about my luggage? " Kate was stunned for a while and then raised her head to question him.

"Kitten, are you doubting my ability?" Brian frowned and touched her cheek with his big hand.

Kate was stunned. Although sometimes the way Brian used was a little extreme and inhuman, it was undoubtedly the simplest and the best way. There was nothing he couldn't do.

"What about Mommy? What should we do? " Kate looked down and whispered confusedly.

Brian's identity could not be changed. No matter how capable Brian was, her mother would not admit Brian as her boyfriend.

"Give me some time. It's almost done." Said Brian in a soft voice, after kissing her somewhat pitifully.

Although his voice was very gentle and tender, his words made Kate feel at ease. She trusted him, and now the only person she could trust was him.

"Yes." Kate lay obediently in his arms and closed her eyes. She didn't want to think about her guilty conscience to her mother.

When it came to sense, she should believe her mother and do what her mother thought. Her mother asked her to stay away from Brian. She should do it as she wished. Because that was her mother. Mother always thought for her children.


he topic.

"You want to stay?" Asked Brian.

"Not really. But it's so rare for me to come here. I can have fun." Kate smiled awkwardly again and touched her head.

Brian nodded and raised his hand to smooth her hair. He smiled, "okay."

Shocked by the good-looking smile of Brian, Kate quickly lowered her head and pretended to rush out like a rabbit with rapid heartbeat.

In fact, Kate didn't pay much attention to the resort before. Now it seemed really beautiful, natural and beautiful. Although most of places on the mountain was renovated artificially, the nature was still almost preserved.

Kate was still a little worried that Mary did not leave. She sneaked back to that private hotel and asked the owner: "good evening, sir. Have the guests of room 101 checked out?"

The hotel owner checked in the check-in records and replied, "They checked out this morning."

Hearing that they had checked out, Kate was relieved.

"But I heard that the daughter of a guest left without saying goodbye. Her mother was so angry that she cursed while walking away. Alas, such a unfilial daughter." The owner said again.

Kate was stunned, and her heart sank a little bit.

Last night, when she came out, the boss was not at home. The boss did not know that she was the daughter of the guest, but even so, Kate was frightened to leave in a hurry.

Either because of her bad mood or because of the strong wind on the mountain, Kate felt her head heavy and weak. She couldn't walk long ago without the support of Brian.

Brian reached out a hand to touch her forehead. His good-looking brow was wrinkled slightly. This girl had a fever.

He then carried kate on his back and slowly walked downstairs.

Lying on Brian's back, Kate closed her eyes and slept without thinking. Even when he was walking down a steep mountain road, the pace of Brian was still steady, as if the road had automatically been laid flat in front of him.

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