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   Chapter 97 Rings From Him

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After the meal, they were all exhausted after a long day's journey.

The five people lay side by side on the carpet, and the room soon quieted down. Kate turned her head to look at Mary, who had already closed her eyes and was sleeping. She looked at the time, and it seemed that Brian was coming.

Kate turned her head and looked out of the window with her eyes wide open. Her expectation and joy were becoming more and more obvious.

While waiting anxiously, Kate finally saw that the phone screen lit up. She checked the phone and found that it was a message from Brian.

"Here I am."

He arrived.

Kate stared at the name on the screen and smiled.

She looked at Mary carefully. After a long day's journey, everyone seemed to have fallen asleep. Kate cautiously lifted the quilt and left with the phone.

When she just walked out of the hotel, she saw a man sitting quietly in front of the stone table. His dark eyes were fixed on Kate who was walking out of the hotel.

Kate stopped, with her heart beating fast. She stared blankly at the man as if she was stunned by the lighting.

"How did you find this place?" Kate walked towards him with a smile. try calming down.

Brian stood up slowly. Seeing her in a white dress, he stretched out his arms and held her in his arms.

Kate was stunned and pushed him away in a panic. She wanted to keep a certain distance from him. Although she knew that her mom and others had fallen asleep, she still didn't dare to stay so close to Brian and have intimate contact with him.

She was frightened and had a bad mood.

Without saying anything, Brian just took her hand and left.

The hotel behind her was getting smaller and smaller, and Kate looked back at it. Her anxiety was slowly relieved. She turned around and asked the man in front of her: "where are we going?"

"Walk around." Brian replied nonchalantly, and pulled her closer to himself.

Kate didn't expect that he would suddenly push her, so she stumbled and held his arm in panic.

She lowered her head and blushed.

Even the autumn wind was warm this night.

The hot spring resort was very large. There were many remains which hadn't been developed. They walked for a long time. Looking at the front in black, Kate didn't show any panic. It seemed that he was there and there was nothing to be afraid of.

They walked into a forest, and there was a pool of hot spring inside the wide forest. The golden moonlight sprinkled on the hot spring that was as light as a mirror, reflecting the bright and clean light. With a breeze, the calm mirror was shattered into gold on the ground.

"Wow, there are hot springs here!" Kate looked at the hot spring and was amazed.

It was obviously a place that had not been developed. The quiet and original scenery reminded Kate of an ancient style known as little stone pool. The beauty of the little stone pool was pure and beautiful.

Looking at her pretty face, Brian slightly twitched his mouth. He


It suddenly occurred to Kate that she had already been under his control since she and Brian had registered their marriage certificate even if there was not a proposal. Only then did Kate feel regretful. Why did she get the marriage certificate so early!

Well, now she couldn't even enjoy the best moment of a woman's life.

Thinking of this, Kate was very depressed.

The night temperature in autumn was low, and in the forest, the temperature was naturally low, and the air was frozen.

As Brian took off his coat and covered her, he held her even tighter, bowed his head and kissed her on the top of her head, and asked softly, "have you taken the medicine and eaten properly?"

In his arms, Kate didn't feel cold at all. She tamely nodded her head and said, "Yes."

Kate wrapped her arms around his waist and found that he was cold. She looked up at him and frowned. "I'm not cold. Put your coat on quickly, or you'll catch a cold."

"Kitten, are you worried about me?" The coat was completely wrapped on her body, and there was a few teases in Brian;s tone.

Kate stared at him with anger, but the worry on her face was obvious and noticeable. In a good mood, Brian reached out his hands and gently pinched her pink cheek. Her usual stern face had been mixed with the gentle moonlight.

He was really attractive. Kate panicked lowered her head and closed her eyes. She didn't think about her mother and the future at all. At this moment, she was very happy.

If only time could stop at this moment. There was no past, no future, only now.

They could only secretly enjoy the time behind her mother? Do they really have no future? Kate bit her lips and controlled herself not to think about these things. Now she just wanted to cherish this moment and every second with him.

every second now was the most beautiful moment in her life. Although the time were stolen by them, perhaps long time later, she would have to pay back with longer desolate loneliness

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