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   Chapter 96 Brian's Mother

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After a long while, Kate turned to look at Jasmine and asked, "can you tell me something about Aunt Jean?"

Jasmine raised her head and looked at the flying bamboo leaves. She said slowly, "Jean and I were classmates in primary school. At that time, the Chen family was not as rich as it is now. We lived an ordinary life till high school. The ordinary life was completely destroyed by a man, who you should not be unfamiliar with. He is Brian's father, William. "

"Later on, the story was just like the soap opera. The Cinderella and the prince fell in love with each other. At that time, the Li family was very powerful and was in the process of development. It was impossible for the Li family to let their only son marry a girl who was not helpful for the Li family."

"They fled with the help of their friends and Jean's mother,"

"Then I saw them. They lived under the same mountain and had a happy life. Although they were not rich or powerful, they were at ease. At that time, their family happened to have a new member, and it was a little boy. "

"Later, I heard that William was found back by the Li family and married with another noble daughter. Since then, I haven't heard anything about Jean and her son. But I don't know why Brian was sent back to Li family. "

Jasmine heaved a sigh and added, "I didn't expect that it has been more than twenty years since then."

Kate quietly listened to each other without saying anything. When she was at Li's house, she had heard from William that he only loved two women in his life. One was her mother, and the other was Brian's mother.

Kate had seen the photo of Brian's mother in Brian's villa. She was a beautiful and quiet woman, who was more graceful and noble than ordinary noble children, although she had never been in a wealthy family.

"Kate, I have been living in the small town all these years, and I didn't know the matters in Z city. Is everything okay with Brian and others? " Then, she turned around and looked at Kate.

Kate nodded and smiled: "it's good."

"Why doesn't your mother agree to let you stay with Brian? I didn't pay special attention to it, but sometimes we can see the glorious achievements of Brian in the magazine. He was an outstanding child, the same as his mother. " Jasmine smiled, lost in her memories.

"Aunt Jasmine, when you go back, don't mention Brian and his family in front of mom. Mom is a little afraid of them." Kate smiled instead of replying.

Jasmine nodded her head after thinking for a while.

"Well, it seems that my son Justin has no chance to win compared with Brian. Haha! " Jasmine smiled.

Kate turned her head, looked at Jasmine and asked, "Aunt Jean has been excellent since she was a child?"

Jasmine nodded and smiled, "although we have been friends since childhood, I used to be jealous of her. I have never won her before. She is always the first in her class, in the town, in the

ple coming back. Kate sat up sleepily and saw four people coming in, talking and laughing. They seemed to have a good time tonight.

With a sigh of relief, Kate felt guilty that if she was willful, she might hurt them. It was obvious that Mary took her here to close her relationship with Justin.

"Kate have you taken any medicine?" Noticing that Kate was awake, Mary bent over to feel her forehead.

"Yes, I have." Kate said honestly.

"Don't think too much. Have a good sleep and we'll go home tomorrow." Instead of blaming her, Mary smiled and said.

Kate was shocked. She thought that Mary would teach her a good lesson and that her mother had changed?

When she raised her head, she found that Mary was smiling coldly at her. Kate got goose bumps. It turned out that her mother was just not angry obviously.

"Kate, come and have some fruits," Jasmine had set up a small table in the room with some cookies and fruits on it.

When she saw the food, Kate got out of bed immediately, walked towards the table and sat down. Her stomach had become empty. Seeing that Jasmine and other elders didn't do anything to her, Kate sat still and didn't dare to do anything.

Seeing her daughter's look, Mary sighed and sat down in front of the table.

The five people sat at the small table, talking and laughing.

"Kate, eat more," Jasmine frequently put delicious fruit in front of Kate.

Kate got a little surprised and glanced at Jasmine carefully. She thought that after she told Jasmine everything, Jasmine would ignore her because Kate would not be her daughter-in-law and Jasmine would not be nice to her.

"What are you thinking about? Say thanks to Aunt Jasmine," Mary patted Kate's head gently.

Kate felt pain and covered her head with her hand. She grinned at Jasmine and said sweetly, "thank you, Aunt Jasmine."

Jasmine stared at Kate and sighed, "Alas, what a pity."

Seeing this, Kate could only keep smiling.

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