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   Chapter 94 The Origin Of The Jade Bracelet

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After the injection and taking the medicine, Kate was not as uncomfortable as she was when she was in the hospital, and she didn't need the help of Justin.

"Thank you so much for what you have done today." Kate smiled at Justin sincerely.

Taking a look at her, Justin pretended to be angry and said, "I don't want to hear 'thank you' from you."

Kate was stunned. It seemed that Brian didn't like her saying thanks to him a long time ago. She asked in confusion: "why?"

"I feel like saying 'thank you' to distanced myself from her." Justin said seriously.

Hearing this, Kate stopped.

Was it because Was that the reason why Brian didn't want her to say thank you?

"What's wrong?" Justin looked at Kate who was stand there without move.

Kate shook her head and followed him. No matter what was on Brian's mind at that time, she was really happy.

Justin looked at her strangely, but didn't ask anything.

When they arrived at the hotel they had booked, they still hadn't seen Mary and Justin's parents back. Justin led Kate into a room. She thanked Justin again and threw herself on the bed with satisfaction after closing the door.

She fell asleep holding the quilt.

She had a good sleep. When she woke up, she found it was noisy outside the window. The red lights lit up every corner of the town. Kate rubbed her eyes and looked down outside the window with heavy steps.

The crowd moved up the mountain carrying their luggage.

There were many hot spring on the mountain, and everyone liked to take a bath there at night.

Without the desire to take a shower in the hot spring, Kate, of course, didn't bring her bathrobe with her. She looked at her jade bracelet and exquisite hand beads. There was a complicated expression on her face. She sighed, but was still reluctant to take them off. Kate returned to the bedside and habitually took out her mobile phone.

The N missed call covered her phone screen.

Some of them were from Lora. Some were from Justin, and some were from her mother. Kate put down her phone and was about to lie down for a while, there was a knock at the door.

"Kate, are you awake?"

Mary's voice resounded from the other end of the line.

"I am awake!" Kate quickly responded and ran to open the door.

"Do you still have a fever?" Mary came in and stretched out her hand to touch Kate's head.

"It's okay." Kate said with a smile. Though she had a good rest, her voice was still a little hoarse. She turned from a fever to a cold.

Mary frowned and poked her forehead. She complained helplessly, "why didn't you tell me when you felt uncomfortable? If it weren't for Justin, I wouldn't even know you were ill."

Kate smiled and said: "it's nothing serious. I don't want you to worry about me. "

Mary rolled her eyes at Kate and Kate immediately shut up.

"Let's g

with guilt.

If she was telling the truth, William and Brian would be gotten involved in. All the things in Li family were forbidden to her mother, and she dared not mention them in front of her mother.

Everyone enjoyed the meal. Kate looked like a lady in front of them. Jasmine picked up food for her frequently and said, "Eat more food, and you look so thin. Do you usually eat few food just for losing weight?"

Kate lowered her head and kept having her meal like a lady.

After dinner, Mary and other three people packed their luggage and were about to go up the mountain and enjoy a hot spring. Kate wanted to stay in the hotel and have a rest, but Mary refused, saying hot spring could help her get rid of the cold.

Upon hearing her mother's words, Kate was even more embarrassed, but she still couldn't persuade her mother. So, she also went to pack up her luggage in silence.

There were only two big rooms in the hotel, one for Mary and Kate and one for Justin and his family Kate took a look at Mary who was bending to pack her luggage. She was about to sneak out of the room when Mary grabbed her collar and pulled her back.

"You want to escape?" Mary looked down at her.

Kate immediately raised her hand and rubbed her forehead, and while lowering her head, she cried in pain, "ouch, my head hurts so much. I have to lie in bed for a while."

Then she pushed Mary away and went back to bed in dejection. After tucking himself in, she closed her eyes quietly.

After a long while, Kate heard her mother's sigh from the bedroom.

"Kate, are you still hiding a lot of things from me?" Mary sighed and asked in a low voice.

Kate was shocked, but she still said nothing.

"Since when? We are getting farther and farther. " Asked Mary.

Kate was a little stunned as she didn't know since when she had a bigger distance with Mary and was more capable of lying.

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