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   Chapter 93 Have A Fever

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After standing beside Kate's bed for a while, Mary finally bent down and covered her with a quilt, turned around and left.

At the moment when the door was closed, Kate suddenly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Her body was so stiff that she couldn't move.

Mom, why don't you allow me to be wayward this time? Why do I have to follow the route you make? Why do you always impose the old grudges on us?

Kate's nose twitched. She wanted to fight back although she never did it before.

But that was her mother. She had worked hard for her for more than ten years. How could she resist her mother?

It was a sleepless night.

Before dawn, Kate got out of bed and sneaked out of the "Luo's Flower Shop". She followed the path that Brian once carried her and came to the grass beside the railway. She lay down and looked up at the dark sky.

The sky before dawn was the most dark, pure black, just like Someone's eyes. Kate was in a trance. She couldn't help thinking of Brian.

Brian, dawn and hell. One was hope, and the other was despair. Did he bring her hope or despair?

She didn't know how long she had been lying there, until a ray of light slowly appeared from the end of the sky. Soon, the entire sky was painted with light white, and then orange

The train whizzed past her, and small towns began to liven up.

"Kate, why are you here?" Suddenly, a man's voice came over her head.

Kate was startled by the voice and turned to the source.

It was Justin who was jogging in sports suit.

"Nothing. I just want to take a walk." Kate's face twitched. She wanted to laugh, but the muscle in her face was not fully recovered.

Justin stopped and sat down beside Kate. He said apologetically, "I'm really sorry. My mother is that kind of person. Please don't take it to heart."

"It doesn't matter whether you take it to heart or not. They are the elders, and we have to listen to them." Kate raised her lips and said coldly.

"Kate." Justin frowned. It was rare for him to see such an expression on Kate's face. In his memory, she always had a bright smile on her face no matter what happened.

However She was a little different today.

"If I don't want to go to C City today, I will talk to mom," Asked Justin.

Kate was amused by his words. She turned to look at him and asked, "do you think your mother will listen to you?"

Seeing that Justin was silent, Kate smiled and said, "Justin, we are the same sort of people. For us, our mother means a lot more to us."

Justin stared at her without saying anything.

Kate, you're wrong. It's not that mom doesn't listen to me. It's just that I really want to go to the hot spring trip with you because I want to be closer to you.

Justin shook his head gently. Love was selfish. Even though he knew that she had someone she loved

ustin held her arm and said with a frown, "don't force yourself."

Seeing that Justin insisted, Kate felt embarrassed to refuse him again. She endured the discomfort and obediently let him support her.

It was a scenic spot, so it was difficult to find a hospital here. After turning a round with the help of Justin, they didn't find the hospital. He took her to a town nearby and then found the local hospital.

After a series of things, it was getting dark. Kate sat on a bench in the hospital and watched Justin running up and down for her. She felt a little guilty.

What depressed Kate was that Mary didn't even call to comfort her.

Kate leaned on the bench and slightly closed her eyes. Her whole body was so weak and aching that she didn't want to move at all. Now she really wanted to go back to the big soft bed and have a good sleep.

"Are you feeling better?" She heard Justin's voice indistinctly.

"Yes." Kate raised her head reluctantly, looked at the man and said coldly.

Sitting beside her, Justin reached out his hand to feel her forehead again. Frowning, he said seriously, "your fever is not completely gone. I'll ask the doctor for another infusion bottle."

Saying that, he wanted to leave, but Kate hastily stopped him, "no, I want to go back."

Justin stopped and turned to look at her.

Ignoring Justin's stare, Kate looked up at him speechlessly and said, "the medicine's not that effective? Don't worry. It will recover soon. "

Stunned for a moment, Justin lifted the corners of his mouth silently, crouched down, looked at Kate and smiled, "Hey, you are the patient, right? Don't act as if you don't care about me at all, which makes me almost think that I am a patient."

Kate shrugged and smiled: "I have no choice. I'm very calm."

"Fine, fine, superhero." Justin patted her head with a smile.

Kate giggled and didn't contradict him.

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