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   Chapter 91 A Blind Date

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9769

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Kate curled her lips and ignored Mary. She went on with her flowers. In the past, Kate called her mother to run the flower shop because she thought these beautiful and vivid life could make people in a good mood.

Rose was her favorite flower.

It was in the evening. Mary excitedly took back a long dress from somewhere and asked Kate to put it on. Kate looked at that sexy low cut dress and wiped her cold sweat.

Mom, you want to put me on that man's bed directly, right?

"Mom, don't bother. I have a skirt." Kate refused straightforwardly.

The first time she attended Lily's birthday party with Brian, she was pushed into the water by Mona. Since then, Brian had never let her wear such sexy clothes.

To be exact, she never wore it in front of others. If she was found to wear such clothes by Brian, she would absolutely die without a burial place.

"No way. Are your evening dresses presentable? I want you to look gorgeous tonight. " Mary frowned and pushed the dress into Kate's hand.

"No, thank you. My dresses are much more beautiful than these." What Kate said was true. Although Brian didn't allow her to wear sexy and exposed clothes, those clothes were of good quality and style.

Mary stared at Kate with suspicious eyes. Kate had to overturn the drawers and overturned the dresses packed for her by Brian. After comparing with Kate's dress, Mary gave up the idea of asking Kate to wear that dress.

Kate was relieved.

To her surprise, Mary stared at the luggage for a while and asked, "did he buy all these for you?"

When she heard the words, Kate was so shocked that she broke into a cold sweat.

Of course, Kate knew 'he' Mary said was Brian.

"I..." Kate didn't know how to answer this question.

Mary looked at her coldly. Kate couldn't help but shrink her head, saying nothing.

"Give these things back to him after you go back this time. We don't owe anything to the Li family." Mary said indifferently.

"Yes..." Kate replied.

"Dress yourself up." Mary glanced at Kate and said coldly. Then she turned around and left.

Leaving Kate alone in the room.

The phone suddenly rang. Kate picked it up. When she saw the caller ID "CEO" on the screen, she felt all the cells in her body were active. She quickly calmed down and pressed the answer button.

"I am arrived home." The voice of slightly tired Brian came from the other side.

His hoarse voice made Kate's heart ache. Hadn't he taken a good rest yet?

"Yes. What are you doing? " Asked Kate.

"In a meeting." Said Brian honestly.

"Have a good rest if you are tired. Don't burn yourself out." Kate warned her.

Brian chuckled. After a long time, he said, "okay."

Then he added, "I'll have full energy when you come back."

Hearing this, Kate's face turned red and her little ears got hot. This guy wouldn't feel comfortable if he didn't act for a moment, would he?

"What Have a good rest.

o around.

Justin took her to an amusement park in the center of the park. Kate looked at the park in confusion, wondering why he brought her here, although it had been renovated.

"Do you still remember the class activity in grade three of high school?" Asked Justin.

Kate was even more confused. She had attended so many class activities in grade three of high school. She didn't remember every time exactly.

Looking at Kate's confusing expression, Justin smiled helplessly. It turned out that only he had remembered this after so many years.

"When we were going to take the college entrance examination, we were so excited to go to the amusement park. I was lost then and because of that, I met young people who robbed me." He turned around and looked at the amusement park. The past was very important to him, but left no trace in her mind.

That was really pathetic.

Reminded by Justin, Kate suddenly felt the whole thing a little familiar. However, as time went by, she only remembered a rough idea.

"You found me later." Justin continued.

"Oh, I remember. I hit the guy on the head with a stone! " At that time, Kate finally got rid of her memory. She had learned Taekwondo and fought against enemies.

Upon hearing this, Justin was stunned for a while. He thought it might be a trifle in her memory.

He would never forget that day when the girl stood before him heroically, picked up a stone at his feet, and threw it fiercely at the gangster. Before the gangster could react, she pulled him and ran wildly.

It was at night, but Kate accurately recognized the location of each street and used these geographical advantages to get rid of the hooligans. Getting rid of the gangsters, they sat in the street corner gasping for breath. In the end, they looked at each other and laughed happily.

Kate didn't know that it was at that time that Justin had taken a fancy to the girl with a bright smile on her face.

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