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   Chapter 89 A Sweet Mid-Autumn Night

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"Mom, I'm back," Kate called Mary.

Mary looked back at once, took off her gloves and smiled to Kate, pushing her into the inner room, "Come to dinner. I thought you got lost."

"How is that possible? I can even find my home with my eyes closed." Kate rolled her eyes at Mary and raised her nose proudly.

With a flattering smile, Mary replied, "I know you have good sense of direction. Go to wash your hands."

"Mom, could you go to the washroom with me?" Kate held Mary's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

"Why bother accompanying you?" Mary remained unmoved.

"Come on, let's go." Without any hesitation, Kate dragged Mary into the bathroom and quickly closed the door.

Mary looked at Kate strangely. Kate laughed, took Mary's hands and said, "Mom, your hands looks so beautiful. They haven't been old for these years. "

Kate was the best at flattering people and no one could match him.

But who didn't like to be flattered?

Mary smiled and poked at Kate's forehead gently, "You are just good at sweet talking."

"I'm telling the truth. If you don't believe me just forget it. " Kate pretended to be angry and turned her face aside.

'She has never changed who is always her favorite daughter, ' Mary thought, shaking her head.

Kate chatted with Mary for a long time. Kate thought Brian was already in and then she walked out with Mary.

Mary prepared a hearty meal because it was Mid-Autumn Festival and even Kate had gone back. When Kate saw the dishes on the table, she was not irritated at all. Indeed, delicious food was the best medicine to heal people's hearts.

Seeing that Kate was so happy, Mary felt relaxed and lifted the corners of her mouth.

They seemed to have reached a tacit agreement not to mention anything about the Lis, and even ignored the blind date. All they talked about was only something insignificant while eating.

After dinner, Kate and Mary took small chairs to the roof to enjoy the moonlight.

It has been so long that Kate almost forgot when they last saw the moon together. But Kate still remembered the stupid night when her parents and her slept in the forest.

At that time, Kate had just learned a passage about forest. She liked forest very much. After coming back home, she talked to William about it. William immediately prepared the tools and took her and her mother to the next forest for a night.

And then this experience became Kate's asset to show off.

Thinking of William, Kate couldn't help thinking of Brian. She didn't know if he would come out to dinner. But as far as Brian's character is concerned, if she didn't serve him, he wouldn't eat.

He would rather starve to death than lose his dignity. Damn it.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she was. Kate stood up and smiled, "Mom, I'm getting some fruit here."

Mary looked at the plate of fruit in confusion, but she

o vent her emotions. She had written down all the unhappy things on it.

Kate also wrote how Brian bullied her in her diary. When she thought of it, Kate's blushed and hid in Brian's arms, not willing to leave.

'En... She seemed to have written that she liked Brian.

"You mustn't read my diary again." Kate raised her head and threatened Brian.

But her tone was soft. There was no threat at all. Instead, there was a bit of girlish charm in her tone.

"Well, I'll tell you before I read it." Brian nodded.

His smiling face made Kate feel stuffy in her chest. She lowered her head and beat his chest from time to time.

'There was no future between them.'

This thought made Kate feel inexplicably sad.

"Have you eaten yet?" Asked Kate.

"Yes, I have." Answered Brian.

Kate turned her head and took a look at the dishes. The dishes was still there. She struggled away from his arm and jumped out of the bed. "They are all here."

Looking down at his empty arms, Brian thought, 'Since when did he get the feeling of being infatuated with the lovely girl in his arms?'

"You should eat more." Kate was sitting in front of Brian and coaxing him to eat with a frown.

The next second, Brian opened his mouth and waited for her service.

As the saying goes, a man's lust is aroused after eating. After dinner, Kate was thrown on the bed by this overbearing man and then was eaten up by him.

This time, the action of Brian was very light and gentle. After a long time, the man on her body slowed down.

Kate's eyes were still closed, daring not look at their bodies or at him. But she knew clearly what happened to Brian including his tolerance, his desire, everything about him.

'It was so obvious that he loved her so much that he had ignored all the pain she had suffered.

Such a man... How could she not love him?' Kate was in Brian's arms and couldn't help grinning. She felt so happy

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