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   Chapter 88 A Sweet Mid-Autumn Night

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10028

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Kate was stunned when she saw Brian. She reminded Brian's mother who was an elegant and beautiful woman. Standing in the middle of his parents, Brian smiled so brightly and innocently, as if all the happiness in the world gathered on him.

But would Brian still be half as happy as before?

"People always have to look forward." Kate held Brian's hands and looked at him with a serious look.

She didn't know how to comfort him. He looked so strong that he seemed to be able to hold on half the sky and with no need for comfort and care.

With a slight smile, Brian looked down into Kate's eyes and said indifferently, "I have never forgotten a little about the past."

He didn't forget anything that had happened in the past twenty years.

"But... It's all over, isn't it? " This was the first time for Kate to see Brian like this, with horrible insistence in his eyes.

At this moment, Kate thought of what Brian's grandmother had told her. Her grandmother asked her to persuade Brian not to investigate the cause of his mother's death. At that time, she was not very familiar with Brian, so she naturally dared not to ask anything about him. Was there really some other reasons for Brian's mother's death?

"No, everything is not over yet. But it won't take long. " The smile on Brian's lips was as cold as ice. Soon, he would wipe out all the people who had hurt his mother.

A cold light flashed through Brian's eyes, and his handsome face was tortured by this distorted hatred. Kate looked at him blankly.

Kate had no idea of Brian's past and she didn't know why there was a resentful expression on his face, but she knew that the hatred should no longer be carried on him.

Twenty years was enough.

"Don't be silly, Brian." Said Kate with concern.

Hearing that, Brian was in a daze for a while. He looked at Kate's worried face. For 20 years, Brian seemed to be softened by this word.

There were someone caring about him, but only Kate's care reached his heart.

"Are you worried about me?" Brian held up Kate's face, looked at her quietly, and asked softly.

Kate blushed at once, spread her sight but dared not look into his eyes. The bright moonlight was shining on her slightly drunk cheeks, which made her beautiful appearance even more quiet and beautiful and made her lovable.

Brian's anger was alleviated because of Kate. He held her face in his hands, and gradually, he kissed her. Then he slowly moved his hand to her back and locked her in his arms.

From a gentle kiss to a deep kiss, Kate felt like she could hardly breathe. At that time, Brian let go of her. But before she could catch her breath, Brian's lips covered her again, intermittent and sentimental.

Even the bright moonlight was so shy that it hid into the clouds, and the ground sank into a dark shadow.

The romance was interrupted by the ring of Kate's mobile phone. Lying in Brian's arms, Kate was panting. Her cheeks had already turned red, and her lips were tingling. Her bo

to come in, and he even mind climbing through the window?

"Then what do you want?" Kate rolled her eyes at Brian.

Brian hold Kate's hand and led her to Luo's Flower Shop directly. Kate's heart skipped a beat. Was he going to tell the truth to her mother? Kate stood rooted to the spot and dared not to move.

"You had promised me that you wouldn't tell my mother about it." Kate looked up at Brian and said in a panic.

The man also stopped and stared at Kate with his brows twisted up.

"How about it that I am going to get my mom away and you can come in from the gate?" Kate compromised.

Since Brian was in a bad mood tonight, it didn't matter that she listened to him. The person who was in a bad mood was the most.

Kate then turned her face to the direction of Brian again. Hearing Kate's endless chatter, Brian frowned, then bent over and kissed her.

Kate was shocked and pushed Brian away in a hurry. She turned around and looked over to Luo's Flower Shop. Luckily, her mother was not there.

Kate felt relieved and couldn't help but shoot a reproachful glance at Brian. But she was so cute in the eyes of Brian.

"Be on the alert. Mom is still at home!" Kate raised her eyebrows, looked at him and said.

Brian lifted his eyebrows.

Kate coughed and immediately sneaked towards the Luo's Flower Shop.

"Luo's Flower Shop."

Kate cautiously knocked on the door and entered the room. Seeing that Mary was looking after the flowers in the shop, Kate tiptoed to her and looked at her who was bending over her waist and her hair was grey.

Though Kate had been working very hard since she was a child to ease her mother's burden, and after going to college, she didn't need her mother's money anymore, her mother has still suffered a lot over these years.

Kate asked Mary ran the flower shop after she went to college. In order to pay Kate's tuition fees, Mary did several jobs every day. Since Kate made her own money, she wanted her mother to be more relaxed.

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