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   Chapter 87 Didn't He Leave

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Kate strolled alone to the riverside of a small town. She loved the river because of its beautiful scenery.

On the side of the river was a huge patch of barren grass. Above the grass, there was a long railway. In her teens, she liked to play with a group of friends here, and there were not many people around. It was unusually quiet and beautiful.

But her friends broke up since she went to college, and she had no contact with any of them.

Kate lay on the grass, stretching out her arms and legs. She looked at the red sky and was lost in her thoughts.

She hadn't recovered from what had happened today. If she hadn't gone home, would all this have happened.

No, Kate knew that it was just a matter of time. Her mother would know and object in this way one day.

She also didn't want to come into contact with William. Was it about her marriage with Brian, and had to be affected by her elders?

Kate closed her eyes. A thick mist appeared indistinctly in front of her. Soon, the Black Mist turned into a man's figure, and his face was gradually revealed.


He should be back to Z city now. What would he do during the Mid Autumn Festival? Would he go back to the Li Family, or he would be at the villa alone.

They had just departed this morning, but somehow Kate missed him.

She took her phone out of her pocket and Lora sent her another message.

"I don't know."

Kate's face twitched, 'Lora, you are more miserable than me. At least I know who is the father of my child...'

She wanted to make a call to ask, but as Lora said so, she should still be in a state of chaos. Thinking about it, Kate still did not press the confirmation button.

If Lora hadn't sent her the message, Kate would feel that there was an invisible gap between her and Z city which is between small town and big city.

Kate searched for the address book and accidentally saw the title of the CEO. She leaned over and stared at the title for a few minutes.

After thinking for a while, she turned over several times, wondering if she should make a call to Brian.

She rolled over with the worries and thought she just wanted to ask him how to spend the Mid Autumn Festival? It's not a problem at all? She closed her eyes and pressed them.

A few seconds had passed, but Kate felt that it had been a long time. Just when she was about to decline it, a man finally answered the phone.

Kate's heart sank. It seemed that she hadn't called him except for work. Was it strange?

Although the person at the other end of the line picked up the phone, there was still no sound.

"Hello?" Kate spoke to the phone in a low voice.

"What's up?" Brian finally opened his mouth.

"Nothing I pressed it wrong... " Upon hearing his cold tone, Kate's voice became lower and her nose twitched.

"Look back." The cold voice was heard again.

Kate was a little stunned and followed his command ob

moment, she just wanted to stay quietly, doing nothing.

Suddenly, a ringtone broke the silence.

The ringtone came out of Kate's pocket. She moved her body and took the phone out. When she saw it was from Mary, she trembled with fear.

She was getting more and more anxious Did mom find she stayed with Brian?

She hesitated for a moment. She didn't want to answer it, but the ring tone slowly took all her strength away like a death song. Only fear and panic remained in her heart. She finally pressed the answer button.

"Kate, where have you been? Did you get lost? " Mary asked anxiously.

"No, I just went to see the moon." Kate looked up at Brian and quickly answered.

On the other side of the phone, Mary remained silent for a while before she said, "seeing the moon? Come home now. "

"Okay, I know." Kate replied. She still looked at Brian.

To her surprise, Brian was looking down at her. His eyes were as cold as ice, as if ice had been hidden behind them for thousands of years. But also like the cold autumn, staring at his eyes, she seemed to see the withered leaves flying all over the sky, and a unspeakable melancholy hidden inside.

This look made Kate's heart ache.

"Brian..." Kate pressed her head against Brian's chest and called his name with a very low voice.

"Although you don't like William and your family, they are all your family who have blood relation with you." Kate said in a calm voice.

She paused and looked up into his eyes. Smiling softly, she said, "so, go home. That is your home."

That was his home, and her home was here.

"Home?" Hearing that, Brian curled his lips and sneered with self-mockery.

"My mother died 20 years ago on such a night." Brian slightly raised his head and looked far away.

Kate looked a little stunned. She knew that Brian's mother had died long time ago, but she didn't expect that it was twenty years ago.

How old was Brian at that time?

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