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Soon, Mary took out a fancy breakfast. Kate hurried to the bedroom with her luggage. She wanted to take a shower first so that she could have more time to think.

She couldn't tell the truth. They were just dating and hadn't seen their parents. Didn't she know that Brian's father was William?

Or her colleague who sent her back was Jacob, not Brian. She was with Jacob now.

Kate deleted this reason right away. It was easy to persuade her mother. But when it came to Brian, Brian would definitely be angry again, just like last time.

Kate thought about it and still couldn't come up with a good way to lie to her. The best way was to tell her that she was dating with Brian...

Kate sighed, opened her suitcase and took out some beautiful clothes. Looking at the traditional conservative clothes, she was in a cold sweat. Her luggage was packed with the help of Brian. That guy was really bossy.

She had to wear those sexy clothes in front of him. Why wasn't she allowed to wear them when she got home?

But his overbearing attitude didn't disgust her, on the contrary, it made her feel relaxed. She randomly picked a suit of clothes and went to the bathroom. Lying in the bathtub, she stretched herself comfortably.

She had been feeling so uncomfortable these days that she even didn't dare to take a shower

She turned around and inadvertently saw herself in the mirror, the steaming mist in the mirror looming. She bowed her head hastily, in a terrible situation, and her body was full of somebody's marks.

'our CEO is not a fox, but a wolf, a hungry wolf!'! Kate thought resentfully and felt a little shy. She buried herself into the water to calm down.

"Kate, come out to have breakfast." Mary knocked on the door.

"Okay." Kate stretched her head out and gave her a simple response.

After Kate calmed down, she came up with the idea.

Dressed up and going out, Kate swallowed her saliva when she saw the full table of dishes. She quickly sat at the table and began to eat like crazy.

"Slow down. You like a dead meat. What if you can't get married?" Mary sighed with a loving smile.

"It doesn't matter. I come back to keep you company if I can't get married." Kate said with difficulty while stuffing food into her mouth.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Aunt Jasmine has a son and he has gone back in the Mid Autumn Festival. We will go to have a meal tomorrow and you can make friends with him," Mary said with a smile.

Kate rolled her eyes at Mary. She just wanted her to go on a blind date with her again.

"I have a boyfriend." Kate said as she lowered her head to eat.

"Brian?" Mary raised her eyebrows.

Kate dared not to meet her mother's serious eyes, but she still nodded and replied: "yes."

Mary's eyes became cold. She knocked at the china bowl with chopsticks. With a glance at Kate,

g," Mary then forced a smile and pushed Kate away. Kate, who was afraid of her mom, was about to roll down the stairs by her sides.

Today was Mid Autumn Festival, and a lot of people went to the vegetable market for groceries. Kate held a bag in her hand and silently followed Mary. She had almost forgotten all the aunts since she hadn't come back for so many years. When someone greeted her, she only smiled back politely.

"Kate, you're home! Your mother is so proud of you. I heard that you work for the Li group. What's your position? My daughter is also studying in Z city. She will graduate this year. "

Kate gave the woman a forced smile. Before she could say anything, Mary said first, "I heard that my daughter lives a good life in Z city. Since your daughter lives in Z City, they can help each other."

"Hmm, that's exactly what I think. Could Kate recommend her?" The woman giggled and looked at Kate.

Kate silently backed behind Mary and thought: 'forget it, forget it. I can't interfere in their conversation. I just want to say how powerful an ordinary girl like her can be.'.

"Kate, my son wants to develop the business in Z city. Could you please put in a good word for me and do me a favor?"

"That's right. My daughter is also capable, but we haven't met a respected person. Kate, you are the respected person in our family..."

Then, more and more men came out from nowhere. Kate was wearing a forced smile as cold sweat trickled down her forehead.

Kate was sure that her mother was flattering her indeed. Kate wanted to escape.

"Alright, alright. We are neighbors. This is not a big deal. Kate can be capable because of your help. " Mary continued to politely talk with them.

Kate carried the basket and ran out of the crowd quickly.

People gathered around Mary to greet with each other, not noticing that the main character had already left.

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