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   Chapter 85 Go Home

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9248

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Gradually, the sun set. Kate was so sleepy that she fell asleep in the arms of Brian.

Tomorrow would be a good day.

I'm so hungry Kate walked alone in the forest, touching her empty stomach and looking for food.

"Kitten, kitten..." A big chicken leg came out of the forest, waving its arms and shouting to Kate.

Kate was so excited that she jumped on the drumstick with her legs and bit it hard.


It didn't seem to be that soft Kate was confused and looked at the chicken leg. The chicken leg suddenly blurred in front of her and then a small arm appeared in front of her.

This arm was far less beautiful than a chicken leg. Kate was confused and reached out her hand to touch the arm.

"Ahem!" There was a sudden cough above her head. Kate was shocked. She slowly twisted her stiff neck and looked up. The CEO was smiling at her. For the first time, Kate thought the CEO's smile was scary.

"CEO..." His laugh made Kate weak. She plucked up courage and called him.

"Are you hungry?" Brian said with a smile.

Kate shook her head, patted her empty belly and said with a smile, "I'm not hungry at all."

"Coo coo..." But her belly admit it at this critical moment.

With red face, Kate stared at Brian who was staring at her with dark eyes. She silently lowered her head and stared at the red teeth mark on his arm. She just bit him, and she bit him so hard.

Two rows of deep teeth marks were showing on his wheat smooth arms, which was really a great impact on her beauty. Kate sighed, worried about herself.

With the CEO's vengeful character, Kate thought she was in danger.

Seeing that Kate was staring at his arm, Brian moved his lips and whispered in her ear, "Kitten, I will pay it back in the future."

Kate was a little upset. Sure enough, the CEO would not let her go so easily

She carefully turned her head and looked out of the window. The familiar and strange scenery outside made her excited. She exclaimed, "eh, we are here?"

Looking at her astonished expression, Brian said nothing.

"Brian, how do you know my home is here?" Kate saw her flower shop not far away and was surprised. She had never told him her home address, so how could he know it?

Brian kissed her cheek and held her in his arms. There was nothing he couldn't find out as long as it's what he wanted to know. What he knew was much more than Kate had imagined.

"Hey, let me go, I'm going home." Kate impolitely patted on Brian's hand around her waist.

"Um," said Brian, without moving an inch.

The sky in the early morning was fresh, and there were not many people on the street to move. The air was filled with mist, and the wind blew, making it a little cold. Kate lay on the window and looked at the fam

on earth is going on here? " Instead of being kind and tender, Mary stood in front of Kate and looked down at her.

Kate hadn't expected that her mother would know about it, so she wasn't ready for that. She hesitated for a while and said with a smile, "Mom, I just came back. Can't you take your time? I'll talk to you later, okay? "

She shook Mary's hands as she spoke.

Mary shook off Kate's hand with a sneer, continued to stare at her, "if you don't make it clear to me today, I won't let you eat."


Speaking of eating, Kate felt hungry.

"Mom, was there any leftover last night? I'm so hungry. Let's have dinner first. It's a long story. " Kate held Mary's arm and touched her belly with a smile. With her pitiful look, she looked like a starving kid.

Facing Kate like this, no matter how angry Mary was, she could only groan.

"Well, you are my mother. You have to know what happened, right? It's only a matter of time. Why are you in such a hurry?" Kate tried to comfort her.

Mary thought about her words and found that what Kate said made sense.

Seeing that Mary was a little moved, Kate then added, "good mom, I'm really hungry. How about I go to the kitchen to help you?" Then she pushed Mary into the kitchen.

Mary pushed Kate out of the room and said: "I can cook, go pack your things and think over how to explain to me!"

Kate smiled and nodded her head. When Mary turned around, Kate found that her legs were so weak.

'oh my God! How can I explain this.

She had lied so many times that it was difficult for her to make it up.

Under this circumstance, could she only tell the truth? 'no, no, No. if mom knows that they're married, she must be mad at me, ' thought Kate. Kate walked around the table. Her forehead was sweating. Her heart was on edge, and she couldn't relax at all.

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