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   Chapter 84 The Feeling Of Being Loved

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Today was the day that Kate went back home. She got up early to pack up her things, and opened the wardrobe which was not only filled with Brian's black suit, but also her clothes.

These clothes were bought in that shop last time.

At the strong request of Brian, her clothes were locked in the small dark room. Everyday, she wore clothes bought by Brian, ate the food of Brian and slept on the bed of Brian.

After all, everything belonged to Brian.

Thinking of what happened in that shop, Kate blushed. She turned around and looked at Brian who was still sleeping in the bed. After being in a daze for a while, she turned her head and went to pack her clothes.

As she saw the clothes that she hadn't worn one by one, Kate felt satisfied.

"What are you laughing?" Suddenly, there was another man behind her. Kate, who was sitting on the ground, was held up by someone.

"Ah!" With a scream, Kate hurriedly put her arms around that man's neck. She looked at him and found that it was Brian.

He smiled and held her around for a while before he put her down. Kate held him, rubbed her forehead and looked at Brian speechlessly. She was not a child anymore.

"When are you leaving?" Brian lifted her to the bedside.

Kate casually leaned on his shoulder and replied: "I bought the train ticket in the afternoon."

I would arrive at home in tomorrow morning.

"Let me send you back." Hearing her words, Brian frowned and turned to her.


"But..." Kate was confused. If her mother knew that she was still with Brian, would she be angry?

"Are you going to hide it from her for the rest of your life?" Brian leaned over, kissed her on the corner of her mouth and asked.

"I..." Kate lowered her head in silence.

All my life Will they live together for the rest of their lives? Could she trust him?

"Forget it, I will hide it from her as long as I can." Nobody could tell what would happen in the future. Although she knew her feeling for Brian, reality and dream were always different.

Kate thought she was rational in some ways, but just in some ways

Brian frowned, but said nothing.

"Kitten." Hearing this, Kate looked up at Brian defenselessly. With a faint smile on his lips, the man bent over her and pressed her under his body.

Kate put her hands on his chest, looking at him with innocent and beautiful eyes. The man's heart trembled, lowered his head and kissed her eyes, her eyebrows

Kate closed her eyes obediently, and even took the initiative to hook her arms around his neck. She was leaving in the afternoon, and it would take about a week, and she could not see him for a week.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt reluctant to leave.

After a while, the room was filled with the smell of love, and the low groans came one after another without a stop.

"Kitten, the bedroom is so soundproof. Don't hold it up." Brian's hot and dry breath blew on Kate's ear. His voice was l

e in the town to have dinner. Although Kate was dismissive of it, she was still very proud, because she could win honor for her mother who had devoted most of her life for it.

After arriving at college, Kate attended various activities, won various awards and titles, and got the seat of the chairman of the student union with her own strength. After graduation, Kate was also found a job soon. But Mary thought her salary was too low, so she asked others for help to offer her an opportunity to interview in Li group.

And Kate didn't disappoint Mary. Without any suspense, she entered the Li group.

She was unwilling to go on the blind date, but she still followed Mary's order.

She had never disobeyed her mother in her life.

Besides, just like her mother, she could not forgive William's cheating.

"I'm here." Brian put his arm around her waist, and rested his chin on her shoulder, whispering.

Kate closed her eyes and nodded. She put her hands on the hand of Brian, letting herself totally rely on him. Since William left, Kate had never been fully relied on someone like this.

Her mother needed her protection, and Sherry also needed her protection, so she must be strong enough to be their backup. Therefore, she always thought that she didn't need to rely on others, and she didn't like the man who was too strong. When she saw the man who was stronger than her, she would avoid him.

The stronger a man was, the more insecure she would feel. She liked the feeling of being completely controlled in her hands.

However Brian was an exception. She could neither hide nor exclude him completely.

And this man made her feel very reassured. As long as he was there, no matter what happened, he would always be there to protect her.

Every time, he would get her out of trouble and took it for granted. Thinking of the time they spent together, Kate smiled.

In fact, being protected and doted on by someone made her feel not bad.

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