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   Chapter 83 Go Back To The Faraway Community

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9919

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"I'm going home the day after tomorrow." Kate stayed in Brian's arms and said in a low voice, afraid that he wouldn't say yes.

"Yes." Answered Brian.

"You agreed?" Kate looked at Brian in surprise, with an unbelievable look.

"Yes." Brian smiled and bit Kate's earlobe and rubbed it softly.

Kate deliberately ignored the fact that Brian was going to take advantage of her. She was thrilled that she could go home. She had been wondering how to tell him about this. Given Brian's cunning character, it was very difficult for her to ask for leave, but she didn't expect that he would say yes so directly.

'Could it be that Brian was pleased with her?'

Well, at this moment, Kate finally realized that her sacrifice last night was in return for several days of freedom.

Brian lowers her head gently, seeing Kate giggling. He pursed his lips and held her tightly.

Kate was confused about his reaction, but she didn't say anything and just stayed in Brian's arms quietly.

When they were having dinner, Kate went to wake up Sherry. It was Sherry who used to take care of her, and now it was her turn.

"Sherry, shall we go back to the place we lived before?" Kate talked to Sherry patiently.

Sherry drew silently, totally ignoring Kate.

"Do you still remember the Faraway community? We have lived there for a long time. " Kate didn't give up. She continued to cheer Sherry up, as if she would succeed or die.

Kate thought her words worked when Sherry finally put down her brush. She was about to pull her away happily, only to find that Sherry went to the bathroom and came back to continue drawing.

Kate was stunned for a while, and then lowered her head.

Standing at the door, looking at his little woman speechlessly, Brian paced in. As soon as Kate saw Brian, she rushed over, pointing at Sherry, and said, "Please help me persuade Sherry. If we go back to the Faraway community, Sherry may restore her memory."

"How can you thank me?" Asked Brian.

"Why are you so mean?" Kate spent the whole morning persuading Sherry, so that she forgot who Brian was.

"Well, I'm really narrow-minded. It seems that the salary for some employees is too high." Brian nodded and he seemed to agree with Kate's idea.

Salary! When it comes to the salary, Kate finally realized her mistake. She looked at Brian and didn't know how to do. Finally she hummed proudly and sat down on the bed.

A niggard! Just a niggard!

Kate was kicking her legs depressingly and muttering.

With a light smile, Brian sat beside Kate, reached out his hand and pinched Kate's bulging cheeks, while Kate slapped his hand off furiously. She has made up her mind to fight against Brian to the end.

"Good girl." Brian touched Kate's head and smoothed her hair.

"Humph!" Kate glared at Brian.

"Your temper is becoming worse and worse." Brian frowned and concluded.

"I..." Kate was speechless. It seemed that she was no longer afraid of Brian.


carried Sherry to her bedroom. Sherry was sleeping deeply and had no sign of waking up. Standing beside the bed, Kate had mixed feelings.

She stood there for a while and left slowly.

"Brian, Is Elmore a good person or a bad person?" Kate lay on the bed, struggled in her mind for a long time, and then turned her head to ask Brian who just came out of the bathroom.

Sitting next to Kate, Brian poked her face and smiled, "I won't answer the same question twice."

"But you didn't answer me last time!" Kate sat up and looked up at Brian discontentedly.

"I know you are worried about Sherry, but sometimes we can't interfere in other people's affairs." Brian took her in his arms, leaned against the head of the bed, and said slowly.

Kate lowered her head and fiddled with Brian's shirt. She frowned in depression.

Although she also knew that what Brian said was right, who knew what had happened to Sherry and Elmore. Elmore was obviously very concerned about Sherry at that night. But why couldn't Sherry feel anything?

"Kitten, you smell good." Brian buried his head in Kate's neck, sniffed her hair and kissed her gently.

Kate's heart raced and her face was burning. She then remembered that Brian was behind her.

What's more... What was he doing on her? Kate blushed, lowered her head, grasped Brian's sleeve with her hands sheepishly, looking like a wronged little wife...

"You... I... No... You... Last night... " Kate mustered up courage and said with a trembling voice, and her cheeks flushed deeper with each word.

Seeing that Brian was still touching her at random, Kate was so scared that she was about to cry.

Brian smiled and kissed her eyes. He bit her earlobe and said softly, "My kitty, relax."

"But... But... " Kate hemmed and hawed and didn't know what to say.

"Silly girl..." Said Brian with a smile.

In the end, the tragedy that Kate had imagined didn't happen. Brian held her in his arms and fell asleep quietly.

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