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   Chapter 82 The Imperious President

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After accompanying Kate and Sherry back to the villa, Brian left again. Standing in front of the window and watching the car driving away, Kate somehow felt a little flustered. Did anything happen to them?

In the middle of the night, Kate was still awake because of her worries. On the contrary, Sherry, who was beside her, was sleeping as carefree as a child. Kate looked at her and sighed.

This room was not the bedroom of Brian, but a guest room in the villa. So far, Kate has known that there was more than one bedroom in the villa.

In a daze, Kate finally fell asleep.

The next day, when Kate woke up, Sherry was still sleeping. Seeing that Sherry was in deep sleep, Kate didn't want to wake her up.

Maria had already made breakfast for them.

"Maria, has Mr. Brian come back?" Kate yawned, sitting at the table and asked.

"No, Miss Kate. Mr. Brian has not come home." Maria bowed and answered respectfully.

'He hasn't come back yet.' Kate looked out of the window and thought, 'It's strange to eat breakfast alone. Could something really become a habit of someone?

Thinking of Jacob and Lora, Kate took her phone and dialed Lora's number to greet her. But no one answered.

After a long time, someone picked up the phone and said, "Hello, this is the Li group. May I help you?"

Kate was stunned. That was a man's voice. Did she call the wrong number? When Kate was about to hang up the phone, she heard a familiar woman's voice from the other end of the line. "That's my phone! Give it back to me. "

"Here you are." Then it was Jacob's impatient voice.

The phone was finally in Lora's hand.

"If you have anything to say, just say it. If not, I have to hang up." Lora said quickly as if she had something urgent to do.

Just as she raised her head to protest, Brian kissed her for a long time.

Kate felt that the boss was a little strange tonight.

It was a romantic night.

The next day, warm sunshine poured in from the window. The trees outside the window were dancing with the wind, and birds were singing. It was a good day.

Kate opened her eyes and stared at Brian angrily. However, Brian had already woken up and was looking at her.

For a moment, they made eyes contact.

Kate's neck became stiff for a few seconds. Then she giggled and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning." With a smile, Brian bent over and kissed her lips.

Kate drew back her neck, bit the bullet and ordered, "Brian, get up quickly!"

She looked like a cute pet that pretended to be fierce.

Looking at his beautiful wife, Brian was in a good mood.

Brian held her in his arms naturally and closed his eyes to catch up on sleep contentedly.

Kate sighed deeply. She really wanted to go home. If her mother was here, Brian wouldn't dare bully her! Humph!

Going home...

It reminded Kate of the Mid-Autumn Festival... It seemed that the day after tomorrow was the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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