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   Chapter 81 Sherry Has Lost Her Memory

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Kate quickly caught up with Elmore and kept a short distance from him.

It was hard for Kate to judge Elmore. Although she felt that he was very horrible and cold-blooded, he had once helped her. And Elmore seemed to be a friend of Brian. On this point, she didn't think he would do something to her.

Kate smoothly followed Elmore to a hall which was as wide as an ancient castle, decorated with other dark decorations. It seemed like a world completely isolated from light.

Kate was hiding like a kitten. When she was observing Elmore, she suddenly heard Elmore's voice. "Sister in law, you must be tired after such a long walk. Come here and drink some water."

Kate was stunned. 'When did he find that she had been following behind him?' She didn't even think about whose territory it was. Without Elmore's permission, how could she enter here?

Helplessly, Kate walked out from the dark.

"Hey, long time no see." Kate giggled.

"Long time no see." Elmore also laughed, with his eyes resting casually on her, making Kate uneasy. His eyes were like nails...

In Elmore's arms, Sherry looked at Kate too, but there was still no expression in her eyes. She stared at Kate as if she was looking at a stranger.

"Mr. Elmore, I'm here for a friend." Kate calmed down, sat opposite to Elmore and tried to say politely.

"For me?" Elmore raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.

"I'm here for Sherry." His smile made Kate feel uncomfortable. She had to go straight to the point, without the slightest procrastination.

Elmore looked at the girl in his arms and nodded.

Kate was nervous and waited for him to say further.

"Baby, your friend is here for you. Go and talk with your friend." Elmore kissed Sherry's forehead affectionately and smiled softly.

Kate was stunned and looked at Sherry nervously.

Without saying anything, Sherry just turned around to take a look at Kate. Sherry pressed her face against Elmore's chest, in an intimate and affectionate manner.

"Sherry..." Kate couldn't believe Sherry action. She looked at them hugging and felt she was just like a clown.

Just as Kate was about to leave, she heard that Elmore said, "Sherry has lost her memory."

Kate was stunned, and then she heard Elmore say, "Sister in law, help me take care of Sherry for a few days, and don't let anyone find her."

"Why?" Kate was confused.

"I have something to do these days." Said Elmore.

Kate probably knew what Elmore was talking about. To be a member of the gangsterdom like Elmore, what he needed to do was nothing more than the pursuit of enemies and disputes of interests.

"Okay." Kate promised straightforwardly.

Just then, a man slowly came in from the other side of the hall. Kate was shocked to see him.

Why is Brian here? Though Kate was confused, she was delighted at the same

When they arrived at the car, Brian opened the door and let the two women in. Sherry hesitated for a moment, but still got in the car.

Once she got in the car, Sherry leaned against the seat and fell asleep. Kate looked at Sherry and sighed. She had thought about the scene that she and Sherry met again thousands of times, but none of them are like that.

She has lost her memory.

Kate thought of what Penny had told her. Penny said that she was sold to the nightclub by Elmore because she had broken a normal glass of Sherry.

Perhaps, Sherry occupied a certain position in Elmore's heart, otherwise he wouldn't ask her to take care of Sherry. However... How about Elmore in Sherry's heart?

Kate picked up the coat that she had put in the car and wanted to cover it on Sherry. However, the red marks on Sherry's neck frightened her, which followed her collarbone down Of course she knew what it was.

"Elmore is a good man, isn't he?" Kate asked Brian.

"Do you think I am a good man?" Instead of answering Kate's question, Brian asked.

Kate was a little stunned and asked herself, 'Is Brian a good guy or a bad guy?' There was no standard on this kind of issue. In many people's eyes, Brian was a Death. As long as he wanted a business, there was nothing impossible. In the business world, no one was not afraid of him.

'But was he really so terrible in her eyes?


"You are a good man." Kate said with a smile. In her heart, Brian was a good man indeed.

Brian slightly bent down and touched Kate's face with his big hand. With a charming smile, he asked, "Who had cursed me a bad guy?"

Thinking of what happened the day before yesterday, Kate's face turned red with shyness. She reached out and pinched Brian's waist.

Brian smiled, holding Kate in his arms and kissed her. Kate kept her head down. There was a touch of inexplicable sweetness on her face.

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