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   Chapter 80 Black Soil

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9798

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"You... you are Penny?" Kate was stunned and asked the woman standing in front of her.

This woman called Penny was totally out of Kate's expectation. Even a few days ago, she was not like that yet.

"It's me." Penny sneered and approached Kate step by step.

Although Penny was in heavy makeup, the anger in her eyes was still visible which was about to spurt out.

But at the moment when Penny saw Brian, her face with heavy makeup suddenly froze as if she was afraid of something and her angry subsided quickly.

"What happened?" Kate frowned and looked at Penny in silence.

Hearing this, Penny came back to her senses and looked at Kate with a cold face again.

"How dare you ask me what happened? This is all your fault! " Penny sneered and looked at Kate gloomily. Suddenly, she laughed loudly again.

Kate frowned slightly and continued to ask, "What do you mean?"

"Do you know how I came here?" Penny walked forward and twisted her face into a horrible expression. She stared at Kate, but dared not to do anything because of Brian.

Kate didn't move, either. She looked at Penny quietly, waiting for her to speak further.

"Because I broke one of the cups of Sherry, just a very ordinary one, As a classmate, how could Sherry be so vicious? What do you think of it, Kate?" It seemed that Penny remembered the scene at that time. Her lips trembled and her face turned pale.

"Where is she now?" Kate continued to ask.

"She is Elmore's favorite lover now, enjoying great honor. If you go to find her, she may not recognize you. Because she can't even recognize me. Hahaha! " Penny then slowly walked up to Kate.

Kate frowned, grabbed Penny's hand and tried to push her. Penny was weaker than Kate so that she stagger a few steps and almost fell down.

"Kate, I hate you. As long as I have a chance, I will put your innocent and lovely friend Sherry to death. No, I will let her feel the great pain, and then let her die slowly, absolutely! " Penny looked up at Kate with hatred in her eyes.

Kate frowned and thought, 'It doesn't seem to be faked. Is Sherry really in love with Elmore? But why didn't she get any news about Sherry?' She couldn't help shivering when she thought of the cold eyes of Elmore.

'What the hell was going on? How could Sherry get involved with someone like Elmore?'

"I ask you a question more? Did you post the photos last time?" Kate frowned and asked again.

"Yes, it's me. So what?" Penny was fearless now. She twisted her face into a crooked smile to Kate.

But even in this situation, Penny still did not dare to look at Brian. She remembered deeply that it was this man who sent her to the prison. She thought everything would over after she escaped from the prison, but she didn't expect that what waited for her was a more tragic result.

Kate and Sherry.

Penny really couldn't afford to provoke them. She never dared to provoke them.


daze for a while, and thought, 'if Sherry really wanted to leave, why didn't she tell me?'.

"Kate, people will change. At least, Sherry will live a rich and carefree life with Elmore. Do you really think she is willing to go back with you? " Lora continued.

"No, Sherry won't do that." Kate shook her head. She believed in Sherry.

Lora sighed helplessly and did not say anything more.

There were a clear result of the game between Elmore and Aiden. Elmore stood up and smiled at Aiden. "Aiden, don't forget my share."

Her smile was bright, but also cold, like the stunning bloodthirsty viper.

"Of course." Aiden also smiled, but anyone could see the displeasure on the handsome man's face.

Elmore stood up and was about to leave, holding Sherry's hand.

"Sherry." Kate suddenly called. Her voice was not loud, but it was enough to be heard by Elmore and Sherry.

Sherry stood still as if she hadn't heard what Kate had said. On the other hand, Elmore took a look at Kate and gave her a meaningful smile.

The scene Elmore found her that night suddenly came to Kate's mind, and her face flushed red. How could she forget it?

But Elmore did not say anything and went straight away.

Kate wanted to follow them, but Lora stopped her.

"Kate, Elmore is a dangerous person. I brought you here just to set your mind at rest. Sherry is living a good life. I don't want to ask you to work yourself to the hell. "

"No, I believe Sherry." Kate pushed Lora's hand away with a determined look on her face.

Sherry was her best friend. If even Sherry had changed in this world, Kate would no longer believe in anything.

Lora gritted her teeth and wanted to accompany Kate, but Kate pushed her away and said, "Lora, thank you. Don't follow me. If there is any danger, I will try to escape. "

"But," Lora hesitated.

"I am following them. See you tomorrow." Kate cut in Lora's words, smiled and then turned around to leave.

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