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   Chapter 79 Clues

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After hearing the lesson from Lora, Kate felt her head was filled with rubbish. With Lora's eloquence, Kate thought that she had sorted out what Lora had just said, and was fully capable of coming out of the book, which was called 'thirty six tricks to pursue men'.

However, when Kate saw the miserable scene that Lora was chasing after Jacob, she didn't think the thirty-six tricks that Lora had told her were suitable for her and Brian. If Jacob was Brian, Lora would be exiled to the borderland.

Lora were all talking about the kind of man like Jacob. Kate felt helpless and lowered her head to eat silently.

"Well, you have to figure out the rest by yourself. I can't help you too much." Then, Lora put down the empty plate and looked at Kate with imposing manner.

Kate touched her forehead.

"Lora, I should go now." Kate looked at the clock and said.

"Okay. Remember to work out a way to win the CEO's heart. By that time, you don't have to take pictures. I can do it myself." Lora, squinting her eyes, smiled like an old fox.

Kate raised her hand, but her hand was hanging down feebly. Was everyone around her so unique.

"By the way, Kate, I forgot to tell you something. Didn't I tell you that Penny was put in jail last time? I heard that she fled back to Elmore. " Lora shouted at Kate from behind.

Kate frowned. Penny was her roommate in college and moved out later. Last time she had a fight with Penny, and it seemed that the photo thing was posted by her too. But it had been a long time, why would Lora mention it at this time?

"And then?" Kate turned around and asked her.

"Didn't she claim to be Elmore's mistress? In addition, it was said that Elmore got new favor, abandoned Penny and sold her to a night club. Kate, you haven't seen the look of Penny when she welcome the guests. It's really miserable. " Lora continued.

The new favorite of Elmore? It suddenly occurred to Kate that Mora told her, Sherry..

"His new favorite is..." Kate hesitated as she stared at Lora.

"Someone said it was Sherry I met Penny and she admitted it. " The look on Lora's face became more serious.

In the end, Sherry, who had disappeared for so long, was found. But why did she have something to do with Elmore.

"No way!" Kate said firmly.

"I don't believe it either. Penny might be just a vicious slander." Lora answered with a smile.

'Sherry and Elmore...'

It reminded Kate of Elmore. Although the man seemed to smile all the time, his smile was cold and creepy. The thought of him sent a chill down Kate's spine.

However The night before yesterday, he saved her.

What kind of person was Elmore? Brian and Elmore seemed to be on good terms. Should she find out where Sherry was by Brian?

The whole afternoon, Kate was thinking about what had happened to Sherry. She had called her many times, but her phone was switched off and there was no news from the police.

In addition, Kate

naturally took her hand and they walked into "Green Cherry".

It was a large group of men and women who were dancing fiercely in the hall. Only a few pieces of rags were left on the woman's body. Some of them even made out in the middle of the crowd. "Green Cherry" was the lowest night club in Z city. Here, there was only lust and transaction.

Maybe it was because the clothes Kate and Brian wore were out of line with the people here, they attracted a lot of attention when they stepped into the door. The miasma in the shop made Kate feel a slight twitch in the stomach.

Kate endured the discomfort in her heart, scanned the crowd and tried to find a way out, and find Penny.

But the light was dim and every woman was wearing heavy make-up. It was difficult to find a man among those women who looked similar with each other.

"Would you like to dance with me, sir?" At this moment, Brian were surrounded by some women, who stared at Brian and invited him in an enchanting way.

Kate felt speechless. She shouldn't have let Brian in such place.

She stood in front of Brian forcefully, looked at the women around them with a foxy smile and said, "he already has a wife. You'd better go back and find your own man."

Brian slightly lowered his head and looked at Kate. A gentle smile appeared on his face.

Looking up, the gentleness in his eyes had already disappeared, leaving only sharpness and coldness. The women around were frightened by the gaze of Brian, and they left soon.

Kate thought it was her contribution and could not help feeling complacent.

But after the woman left, Kate still couldn't find Penny.

When she was about to give up, a woman with heavy makeup came out of the crowd, "Kate."

Kate looked at her in amazement.

The woman in front of him had her hair permed, which looked sexy. But the red handprint on her body could be seen.

Is this Penny?

Kate looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief.

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