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   Chapter 78 Accept The Challenge

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"I don't think it's appropriate to make a scene outside the CEO office. It's better to find a quiet place," Said Kate with a big smile on her face.

A trace of panic flashed across Mona's face, but it only lasted for a second before she recovered her original look. She smiled and said, "that's what I'm thinking."

They looked at each other and went out, one behind the other.

A hint of cruelty and coldness flashed through Mona's eyes. From Kate's relaxed expression, she knew that her plan might have failed, but what if Kate would make friends with the leader of the underworld because of this thing, Elmore.

Mona didn't want to lose to Kate.

They came to a lounge on the 94 floor.

"I don't mind what happened that day. But I will not let you go easily." Kate leaned against the desk with her hands crossed in front of her chest, staring at Mona without blinking.

Mona was frightened by Kate's look. She touched her chest and said slowly, "what makes you think you can compare with me, Kate? Do you really think my family is that easy to be bullied?"

"No, you are wrong. You mistakenly thought that ordinary people were too easy to bully. " Kate shook her head with a smile.

Mona didn't want to argue with her any more. "Did you really stay with Elmore the night before yesterday?"

Kate hesitated for a moment, and Mona thought she was taken away by Elmore.

"Yes. Are you disappointed or shocked? " Kate followed Mona's words.

Then, with a sneer, Mona said: "Kate, how does it feel to have two good friends share a husband?"

'two good friends?'? Who did she refer to?

"What do you mean?" Kate frowned.

"What I said is that day I didn't completely lie to you. Sherry did appear in the Black Soil, and it is rumored that she is the number one lover of Elmore. Do you really have no idea of it? Or are you just pretending to know nothing about it? " Mona looked at Kate's shocked expression and smiled with interest.

"No way!" Kate shook her head.

How could Sherry be connected with Elmore? It was absolutely impossible.

"Believe it or not." Mona said leisurely.

Kate didn't say anything. In fact, she had nothing to say to Mona. So she was only dubious about what Mona had said to her.

"If you just want to tell me these things, I don't think we have anything to talk about." Kate smiled.

"Leave Brian! Otherwise, I won't let go of you! " Seeing that Kate was about to leave, murmured Mona in a low voice. She looked at Kate in a way like a noble Queen.

Not to be outdone, Kate looked at Mona with arrogance.

"Now I have changed my mind. I will never leave Brian." Kate grinned.

"You have no right to compete with me!" Mona's voice became somewhat shrill and her words were direct.

"The winner or loser doesn't depend on the qualification of the contestant." Kate smiled and thought that if Mona still fought with her

ke to be the CEO before?" Asked Kate.

"I can't chase after him. He is just for me to admire. What's more, my carelessness displeased the CEO. Then I would be dead meat? So, Kate, I think you'd better stay away from the CEO, just like staying away from the king. " Lora raised her head and gave Kate a meaningful look.

Kate didn't reply.

Lora looked at Kate with a wicked smile. She leaned over and asked, "by the way, which step are you in with the CEO? Are you with the CEO these days? Do you have sex with him? "

Kate pushed her away and naturally changed the topic, "Mona came to see me just now."

Speaking of Mona, Lora's eyes lit up and she asked, "and then? Did you fight? "

Everyone knew the relationship between Kate and Mona.

"People always fight both openly and secretly. Lora, how can you make a man's heart firmly fall for you?" Kate sighed and asked.

Lora's hand froze and looked at Kate in disbelief. "Kate, you want to chase the CEO?"

"Yes." Kate answered perfunctorily.

Kate didn't know whether she could pursue him or not, but she thought it was a good idea.

"Fine, I'll help you. But you have to pay me back once you get the CEO." Lora got closer to Kate and said with a big smile.

Kate thought it was not a good idea. As she expected, Lora smiled and said: "I want the naked photo of your CEO, giving me the whole body."

"No." Kate pushed Lora away again and said calmly.

That's absurd. She didn't dare to take nude photos of Brian What's more, why should her boss show to others

Wait, when did the CEO become hers?

"Okay, I'll give you a free hand. The way I'm using now is to stay by his side all the time, whether he can see or can't, and then a habit will be formed as time goes by. If you leave him again at that time, he will find that he is not able to live without you... " Lora gushed out.

She was drinking water while she was eating chicken leg.

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