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   Chapter 77 Going Back To The Company

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Kate lowered her head and carefully followed behind Brian. As usual, when the president came to work, the secretary would come out to receive him and report on some important work by the way.

The four secretaries in the secretary's room were a little surprised to see Kate following behind Brian, especially Anna, whose face was full of disdain and jealousy.

Kate quickly walked up to her colleague. They were now the relationship between boss and subordinate again.

"Kate, why did you come here with the president?" As soon as Kate came back to the Secretary's office, Lea immediately came up and asked curiously.

Kate raised her head and looked at the direction of Anna, only to see that she was doing her own work, ignoring the lively scene here.

"It was just a coincidence." Kate answered with a smile.

"Kate, have you gotten the contract with Lee?" Asked Vicky.

Kate nodded.

At that time, Anna raised her head and looked at Kate with a surprised look. She believed that Kate got her position because of Brian. Perhaps, she had sold her body to Lee for that contract.

Thinking of this, Anna despised Kate even more.

'Kate got all these just because of her beauty and her nice figure.'

"Oh my God, you really made it! Kate, how did you do it?" Lea looked at Kate in surprise.

"I was so lucky that Lee was in a good mood that day, so I signed the contract. Hehe. " Kate said casually. She couldn't tell them that the president had helped her finish this mission.

Jacob came in. Everyone in the secretary's room went back to their own seats immediately. The playful expression on their faces became serious.

Jacob went straight to Kate. He looked at her, gnashed his teeth and said, "Kate, the president asks you to go to his office."

Hearing this, Kate was stunned. She raised her head and saw the dark circles on Jacob's pale face.

"Okay." Kate took back her gaze and said.

Then Kate walked out of the secretary's office together with Jacob. When Kate was about to open the door of the president's office to go in, she heard a whining voice, "Kate, I hope that your friend won't harass me again, or I'll teach her a lesson."

Kate looked back at Jacob and saw his face darken as if he were covered by a heavy mist.

Kate was stunned. 'Her friend? Who did Jacob refer to?

But she didn't have many friends now. One was Sherry, the other was Lora.


It suddenly occurred to Kate that Lora had said she wanted to pursue Jacob and asked for his phone number. 'Did Lora take actions?'

"Jacob, have you been harassed by Lora?" Kate asked with concern, but there was still a gloating look on her face.

Jacob glanced at her and said with a smile, "Kate, I have helped you, right? Can you help me once?"

"What?" Asked Kate.

'Being engaged?' Kate was stunned by this piece of news?

"But I don't think Miss Mona is good enough for our president. Although she is beautiful, people always associate her with a bad image." Said Lea.

Kate was speechless. Mona's image of a siren has already planted in people's minds.

"Maybe this is what type our president likes. Never mind. Let's not poke our nose into president's private affairs. Just mind our own business. " Vicky stopped this subject.

Kate nodded in agreement.

When Kate and her colleagues walked out of the secretary's office, Mona suddenly called Kate.

Kate stopped and turned around to look at Mona. She smiled at Mona and asked, "Miss Mona, what's wrong with you?"

"I have something to tell you." Mona said lightly, hiding her panic.

"Please say." Said Kate politely.

"Did Elmore take you away the night before?" Mona glanced at the women behind Kate and asked Kate solemnly.

"Miss Mona, you're getting more and more cheeky. Have you already been accustomed to such things?" Kate smiled with disdain and arrogance in her eyes.

Murphy was stiff.

"Kate, this is what you owe me." Murmured Mona after a long time.

"Mona, I don't owe you anything." Kate replied.

Suddenly, the atmosphere froze. Neither of them was willing to compromise.

"Kate." Lea reminded Kate by pulling her. Lea worried that the president would fire Kate if Kate continued to argue with Mona. After all, Mona was a guest of the company and no one knew the relationship between her and boss.

Kate pushed away Lea's hands and said with a smile, "You go to dinner first. Miss Mona and I have some personal issues to deal with."

Before Lea said anything else, Vicky had interrupted her and said, "Okay." Then she turned around and left.

Without saying anything more, Lea also followed Vicky out of the office.

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