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   Chapter 76 Dress Her Wounds

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"Ah! Mom, stop! " Kate screamed and immediately woke up from her dream. Then she found that it was already morning.

Kate was gasping for breath and patted her chest gently. Oh my God, this dream was so horrible.


Could it be an omen? If she was really with Brian, her mother would not bless her.

Kate shook her head and sighed. It won't come to that day. How could she and Brian get married? Their marriage was just for their own needs.

Next to her, Brian was no longer in bed. Kate suddenly felt a little nervous. When she was wondering where he went, she saw him walking out of the bathroom.

He stopped and looked at Kate, who was in a panic look on her face. Brian flatly said, "there are ten minutes left."

ten minutes! Kate jumped out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom without thinking.

They had taken the day off for a long time, and Kate totally forgot that she had to go to work today. She looked at herself in the mirror, and found that although the hickey on her body was not so obvious, it was still there.

It was not until now that Kate realized that she was not a virgin. because of Brian.

Kate felt depressed. She just wanted to bury her head in the water and tell herself that it was just a dream. In fact, she was still the unknown employee who had a hard time with her colleagues. Everything remained the same.

"There are still five minutes left." A man's voice came from outside the door.

Kate was shocked again. She tidied up her clothes and cleaned herself up in the speed of military training.

"You've gone too far, Brian." Wearing a pair of shoes, Kate saw that Brian was about to leave so she shouted in a hurry.

Brian turned back, slowly leaned to the door, looked at her with a faint smile, and did not speak.

Being stared at by him, Kate got goose bumps all over her body. She walked towards him in a panic, and her hands were held by Brian naturally. She didn't struggle, as she was accustomed to his touch.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Kate pretended to complain.

"It's okay to be late." Brian chuckled.

As they were talking, Brian and Kate arrived at a small restaurant in the villa, where Maria had already prepared breakfast for them.

"Why do you lie to me? I thought... " The corner of Kate's mouth twitched, and she discontentedly looked back at Brian.

"I just want to see how fast you can go." Said Brian harshly.

Kate was stunned. Did he just want to see how panic she became?

"You..." Kate wanted to curse him a bastard, but the morning sunshine made her head clear, so she clearly understood that it was not allowed to curse the CEO.

"What?" Brian looked at her with interest.

"Nothing." Said Kate, while Kate sat down next to Brian, with the chopsticks in her hand.

Today's breakfast was delicious. Kate's attention was quickly attracted to it.

The corners of Brian's mouth slightly upturned as he looked at his wife who

hest with her hands. She wore a high necked sweater today, so that those marks wouldn't be revealed.

Seeing Kate's careful movements, Brian only felt a little funny. He turned around with his hands crossed over his chest, quietly looked at her and asked: "are you afraid of being known?"

crap! Kate rolled her eyes at him.

As Brian was getting closer and closer to her, Kate was so scared that she kept stepping back. She leaned her back against the cold glass and looked like a frightened rabbit at the moment.

He chuckled, held her in his arms, bent down and kissed her lips. Then he opened her collar and slowly moved down.

"No! Stop, Brian!" Kate tried to push him away in panic but failed.

"Let go of me! Here is..." Before Kate could finish her words, her mouth was stopped by Brian.

After a long while, the man let go of her. Kate was gasping for air under his arms with her head down.

Brian reached out his hand and smoothed her messy bangs. He held her face with a slightly rough hand and didn't give her any chance to shrink back. He looked at her carefully.

Kate didn't dare to look into his eyes. She closed her eyes in a hurry.

"Kitten, you are so beautiful." Brian whispered in her ear with a smile.

Her breath, however, was lingering around her ears.

Kate's beautiful face turned red and tender like a flower drenched by morning dew, fresh and tender.

"Don't touch me in the company." Kate tried her best to calm down and pretended to stare at Brian with a dark face.

This guy was getting more and more arrogant. Did he think she really had no temper?

With his eyebrows raised slightly, Brian said thoughtfully, "Oh, I see. I can do whatever I like at home."

Kate's face became redder. She frowned, stared at him and said with hands resting on the hips: "Hey, I didn't mean that!"

The corners of Brian's lips lifted into an almost invisible smile. At this moment, the elevator door slowly opened.

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