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   Chapter 75 The Photos

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"Who drugged you?" Brian suddenly asked.

Kate almost forgot that before Brian mentioned it.

Who on earth drugged her? With her eyes closed, Kate tried to recall what had happened. She was asked to go out for a cup of coffee by Mona. Mona cheated her that she saw Sherry, then Kate was taken to "Black Soil", where she met three men. Then the drug took effect.

Thinking about it for a long time, Kate believed that except for Mona, no one else could drug her.

There must be something wrong with the cup of coffee.

Kate took a look at Brian, wondering if she should tell him about this. This time she could spare what Mona had done for her, and after that she wouldn't be polite to Mona nor feel any guilt.

"I don't know." Kate lowered her head. She didn't want anyone to intervene in her resentment with Mona. If Mona wanted to play trick with her, then she would do it herself.

"I don't want to repeat what I have said." The arms that were holding Kate's waist were suddenly tightened, and Brian dark eyes looked at Kate with piercing eyes, as if he would tear her head apart.

Kate was a little shocked. She just told a lie. Did he have to be so angry?

However Brian seemed to have told her that he hated it when others lied to him.

"It's Mona," Kate slightly lowered her head and explained to Brian in a low voice.

Then, she raised her head and looked at Brian with great care. Although their relationship had changed, in Kate's view, their nature was still the same. She was afraid of him when he was angry.

"Never mind. Just ignore her." Kate giggled.

"Why not?" Brian didn't believe that Kate was telling the truth that she really wanted to ignore Mona.

"Because I owe her. I feel at ease now." "And this is our own business. I want to solve it on my own." Kate said with a smile.

When she saw the doubts in Brian's eyes, Kate laughed and said: "don't worry. I have my own way."

Kate was open about this. She didn't know who owed her, but she remembered clearly who she owed.

Mona was trying to destroy her this time. Kate's eyes turned sharp. She thought Mona would do it again. Moreover, if Mona knew that it was her who was push Kate to Brian, Mona would never let her go.

Besides, though the Chen family is prominent, they won't be totally squander by Mona. That's why Kate was a little sure to stand in a standoff with Mona. As far as Kate had found in the University, the Chen family was rather strict with children, unlike any other rich and powerful family.

But did Mona really see Sherry in the "Black Soil"?

Kate knew that Ryan was still looking for Sherry. If Ryan could really find Sherry, it would not be strange even Mona knew.

After hearing what Kate said, Brian stopped.

After dinner, her mother just called and Kate was chatting on the phone in the sofa.

"Kate, do you have time to come back recently?" Asked Mary.

"What's up?" Asked Kate casually, as sh

g voice.

"Don't leave me." His voice was soft, slightly fragile and desperate.

Kate was shocked. She raised her head and saw that Brian was still in a dream. His eyebrows were tightly locked together and his face was a little pale. His sexy thin lips seemed to quiver slightly.

This was the first time that Brian had such an expression. Kate was a little shocked. What did he dream of.

His tightly frowned eyebrows made Kate's heart suddenly ache. She carefully put her little hand on his eyebrows and gently smoothed his frown over and over again.

Eventually, the frown on Brian's face was back to normal and his frowned eyebrows were smoothed down, perhaps because of the hands of Kate, or because the dream was over.

Don't leave me? That sounds familiar to Kate. Who did Brian talk to in the dream? Is she your ex girlfriend or family?

Looking at Brian in front of her, Kate suddenly felt a little sad. She and Brian had already crossed that principle line, but she still knew nothing about his past. She only knew that he was Brian, her boss, and that was all.

At this random thought, Kate fell asleep.

In her dream, there was a grand wedding. She wore a pure white wedding dress, and Sherry was her bridesmaid. Holding Sherry's hands, Lora were also her side. She saw Moore, Ryan, and William were looking at them, and blessed them.

She walked slowly on the red carpet, with a bright smile on her face. She walked forward step by step.

At the end of the red carpet, a man in a black suit was waiting for her.

When she saw the man, she quickened her pace and happily called, "Brian!"

The man turned around. It was him. Brian reached out his hand to her gentlemanly. She smiled and was about to say the word "I do".

All of a sudden, the door of the hall opened. Her mother came in and shouted, "I don't agree."

Then the hall became a battlefield, and Mary carried a broadsword and rushed towards them aggressively

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