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   Chapter 74 Confirm The Relationship

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"Brian." Kate was too angry to notice her hairstyle. She shouted at Brian.

"What?" Brian replied carelessly, with his hands still fiddling with her hair.

"You, you..." Can you stop being so rude! Kate roared in her heart, but the words were on the tip of her tongue, and she faltered for a while and shut up.

"I haven't tied up hair for anyone. Just take a look." Said Brian in a tough tone.

Kate was a little stunned. She picked up the mirror again and saw her hair that was tied up by Brian. There was not a particularly cool style. It was her usual ponytail that was messy.

In the mirror, Brian frowned and put her hair down. It seemed that he wanted to have a big fight with her hair.

Kate was somehow relieved to see that Brian was so serious.

Men were so naive sometimes.

Maria didn't show up in the villa today. Kate was so hungry that her stomach was already rumbling. She lied on the sofa, looking at Brian who was reading newspaper on the other side. The meaning in her eyes was very clear. She wanted to eat.

The man, who had been stared at for a long time, put down the newspaper slowly. Brian raised his head and finally looked at Kate.

"Are you hungry?" The next second, Brian sat beside her and took her into his arms.

Though Kate had made up her mind to cut off all means of retreat, she was still not used to CEO's intimate behavior at any time. She cautiously tugged at the collar of Brian and whispered a word to him.

"What do you want to eat?" Asked Brian.

"I want the noodles cooked by you, or else I'm not a picky eater." Kate raised her head and stared at Brian when she heard Brian's question.

Hearing her words, Brian was rigid. He put his hand on his forehead and thought: "You are getting more and more greedy.".

"You cook by yourself." Brian protested Kate's request.

"I don't know how to cook." Said Kate.

"Let me teach you."

"But I don't want to learn." Said Kate.

Brian glanced at Kate. After all, she was too lazy to do anything.

"Besides And I'm not feeling well. " Seeing that Brian was not going to leave, Kate added.

In the end, Brian put Kate on the sofa, left her alone to enjoy, and went into the kitchen.

Looking at the back of Brian, Kate couldn't help snickering while holding the doll on the sofa. Who would have thought that a business tycoon with great power in the business world would stay in that small kitchen to cook a meal for an ordinary people?

Suddenly she had an ambitious goal. She wanted to cultivate the CEO's cooking skill to the level of a five-star hotel. In this way, she could eat different dishes everyday.

Then Kate's imagination was changed from Brian to food The more she thought about it, the more hungry she felt

Kate was never a patient person. She jumped off the sofa and put on her shoes. Then she jumped to Brian, stared at his busy hands, and asked: "are you done?"

Noticing her coming in, Brian's hand stopped, turne

dges within the rich family?

'damn it! How hateful William is! He doesn't care about his original wife at all and keeps on messing around with women. Fortunately, I'm not his sister. Otherwise, I will be half-brother and half-sister with Brian.'?

"Oh Huh I will keep you company in the future, right? " Kate patted on Brian's shoulder and smiled.

Maybe she shouldn't have brought it up. Seeing the expression on Brian's face, Kate felt a little regretful about her gossip. Maybe Brian didn't want to recall what happened before at all.

No one wanted to recall the past. For example, if not for the appearance of Moore and Ryan, she would never want to recall the memories of that time in her whole life. The feeling of falling from the cloud, the feeling of being discussed everywhere, the betrayal and leaving of friends.

Now that he didn't want to look back, he would abandon his memory.

In fact, from the way Brian got along with his family, she should know that Brian didn't belong to Li clan at all. He was always fighting alone and left everything behind.

After a long time of silence, Brian said slowly, "don't care. I'm used to it."

Kate's face darkened.

Kate had thought that she was the isolated person in the world, but now she realized that it was his heart that locked the door.

So when she questioned him, he did not give her a clear answer, because he had no answer in his heart. He was used to being alone, everyone, including her, could not enter his heart.

"But I care!" Kate looked up, clenched her fists, stared at him and said firmly.

Brian smiled without saying anything.

Kate was a little depressed. Though Brian was not moved by her words, he would at least give her some encouragement. What's the meaning of not saying anything?

"Hello..." Kate poked his chest with her finger, but Brian didn't answer. She sighed and continued to eat.

The food cooked by Brian was so delicious that Kate couldn't help admiring.

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