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   Chapter 73 I Have Only Touched You

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Kate was gloomy and she draw circles. What should she do?

Kate was confused and had no idea what she was doing. 'Oh my God! What's going on?'

All of a sudden, Kate found that the wound in her hand was bandaged. She was a little stunned. It suddenly occurred to her that after the drug effects faded away last night, Brian helped her dress the wound slowly. Though her consciousness was not clear at that time, she could still feel his carefulness and tenderness.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help chuckling.

While Kate was still struggling, Brian carried her lightly and said with a smile, "My kitty, let's have a wash."

Kate had no idea that Brian was going to do that. She wrapped her arms around his neck instinctively.

Kate's face flushed again when she realized that it was inappropriate for her to do that. She hastily turned her head to the other side and moved her hands. But she didn't know where she should put her hands, so she had to wrap her arms at his neck.

The smile on Brian's face grew wider. He asked with a gentle smile, "Are you shy again?"

Then, Kate kept a straight face and looked fiercely at Brian, "where did you see that I was shy? I, I..."

Kate gazed at Brian and became incoherent. Her mind was in a mess.

"Then you have regretted it." Said Brian with a sneer.

Hearing this, Kate lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I... I didn't regret at all..."

'If that person was not Brian, she would regret more. Fortunately, he was Brian... Did she have to burn incense to thank him? No, she was the one to suffer!

Kate was caught in a dilemma again.

"Brian, please tell me. Are you a virgin?" Kate suddenly raised her head and asked Brian a question.

In fact, sh

eyes were like bottomless black holes. Only by a glance, Kate was sucked in and could not extricate herself. Even though she knew that there was a cliff ahead, Kate could not stop walking. She opened her eyes and watched herself slowly jumping down the cliff.

"I don't want you. You have slept with others." Kate looked away in a panic, lowered her head and whispered.

"I only slept with you." There was a soft smile and a natural tinge of fondness in Brian's tone.

Kate raised her head and looked at Brian in disbelief. She wanted to know if he was lying, but Brian has already covered her with the quilt and rolled her into a ball.

Kate was angry but happy. 'Was Brian shy?'

They laughed and frolicked for a while. At last, Brian helped Kate dress up. What's more, he picked up a comb on the table and straightened her messy long hair. Kate lowered her head, and Brian combed her hair gently and clumsily

After a long time, she heard the voice of Brian over her head. "Ok."

Kate received the mirror from Brian and looked at herself in the mirror. She was stunned with her bright eyes. 'Her body was red. What was wrong with her?'

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