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   Chapter 72 A Trick

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 4669

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In normal cases, Kate could run very fast. But today, she was out of her control and caught up by those men within just a few steps.

"Let go of me!" Kate cursed.

The group of men were shocked by Kate's brutality. Kate was so beautiful and elegant that they didn't expect that she was totally different from her appearance and personality.

"She is hot tempered." The man in the black suit was amused and got close to Kate, stretching his hand to touch her cheek.

Kate violently shook off the man's hand, and lifted her foot to kick the man again. Then, she kicked the man to the wall, and the man fell down from the wall awkwardly.

"Well, come again if you have the ability. I'll fight you to death!" Kate rested her hands on her hips and stared fiercely at the three men in front of her.

She was in such a bad mood that she wanted to punch them!

The three men looked at each other and looked weird.

I heard that she was drugged? Why can't I see any sign of her being drugged? '.

"How? Afraid? I tell you, you weren't in the world when fight. There was no way you could cheat on me! " Kate was getting more and more aggressive.

"Buddy, is she drugged with the wrong medicine?" Whispered a man, tugging at the sleeve of another man.

"I don't believe that three men can't beat a woman."

The three men's fighting will was stimulated again.

On the other side, Kate co

he felt so bad that she could not help crying out, "Brian..."

God knew how much she wanted to see him at this moment

A car screeched to a halt. Almost at the same time, another voice said, "kitten."

Kate was startled and then she was held into a warm chest.

"Sorry, I'm late." Holding her in his arms, Brian quickly got on the car.

"I feel so bad..." Kate sobbed.

As Brian coaxed her, he started the engine. His face was as cold as ice in the North Pole.

Who dared to drug his woman?

"Be good, it's okay. It's okay." Without coaxing the girl, Brian could only hold her with one hand and drive with the other.

After they returned to the villa, Brian directly took Kate to her bedroom.

A sleepless night

It was not until the noon of the next day that Kate slowly woke up. Thinking of what happened last night, she was so shy that she buried her head into the quilt. Brian looked at her with a smile.

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