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   Chapter 71 Mona's Plot

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The next day, Kate slept in comfortably. After she woke up, she didn't know where Brian had gone. This was good for her to be free.

Kate brushed her teeth, washed her face and ate breakfast slowly. Since Brian was not here, Maria who had never talked to Kate finally dared to speak to her.

"Miss Kate, Mr. Brian asked me to tell you that he might not go home today and you couldn't run around." Maria said gingerly.

Although Maria didn't live in the villa, she knew Brian was usually kind to Kate.

With her legs crossed, Kate responded while eating an apple. If Mona hadn't asked her out today, she would stay at home all day long.

After conveying Brian's order, Maria still stood in front of Kate, hesitated and didn't speak.

"Anything else, Maria?" Seeing Maria's hesitation, Kate asked casually.

"Well I want to ask for a leave today. Something happened to my child today and I might not come tonight. " Added Maria.

"Okay, I see. Don't worry. I will explain it to Brian if he asks." Said Kate with a big smile.

"Thank you, Miss Kate." Maria was so excited to thank Kate.

Kate laughed and continued to eat the apple and watch TV.

Only herself was left in the villa after Maria had left. Kate wished that they would never come back. How leisurely and carefree life was.

The villa was not big, but Kate hadn't visited it carefully. She first went around it.

The villa seemed to had been bought for a while, but it had probably been renovated several times and didn't look old at all

'Was he Brian in his childhood?'

When she walked into a room for messy stuff, Kate suddenly found a photo stuck in the gap of the table. There seemed to be three people in the photo, but one of them had been smeared, leaving only an adult and a child.

The child in the middle caught Kate's attention. He was much more lovely than other children. He held a man's hand and a woman's hand, with a brilliant smile on his face. His eyes flashed which were brighter than stars.

And that child was a little like Brian.

The woman standing beside the child was very beautiful. Her long hair, gentle smile and elegant posture made people feel fine.

If Kate guessed right, the man who was smeared must be William.

Kate was ashamed, because she had done such a thing.

What a coincidence!

It turned out that Brian hated William as well. No wonder Brian would rather stay outside than go home.

Even Brian had never accepted Juliet as his mother. In fact, Brian was not much better than Kate. Kate had her mother accompany her. Although Brian had many families, they were of little importance to Brian besides his grandmother.

Why did Brian put this photo placed here? Was Brian didn't notice it because it was placed in the gap between the table?

There were no photos of his family in this villa, and he didn't have any photo either except this one.

Kate thought for a while and took it out. She wiped the photo cl

id not answer her directly.

Kate didn't ask Mona any more and got on the car with Mona without thinking too much. She was worried about Sherry so she couldn't let go of any clue. Although this clue was given by Mona who was not reliable, she still chose to believe her.

The passers-by were fewer and fewer. Looking at the strange scenery outside, Kate felt a little uneasy.

'Here... Is it the biggest entertainment place in Z City and also the place where gangsters often gather? All the darkness is gathered here? '. During the six years living in Z City, Kate occasionally heard people talk about this place called "gangland".

"Where do you want to take me?" Kate turned around and looked at Mona.

With a smile on her lips, Mona continued, "I told you I would take you here to find Sherry. Don't you know that? She is here."

Kate was in a daze for a while. She couldn't saw Mona clearly and she felt a little uncomfortable. At this moment, the car stopped.

The door was opened slowly. Kate massaged her painful head. Several men in black suits seemed to have been waiting there. When they saw her, they immediately walked up and pulled her down.

"Good luck to you, Kate." Mona smiled.

Kate only saw that Mona's mouth was slightly open, but she couldn't hear what she was talking about. Her mind was more and more confused, and the abnormality in her body was more and more obvious.

"Take her away." The man in black suit got close to Kate, held her chin and raised her lips wantonly.

Kate didn't know what had happened, but she sensed that someone was approaching and she, who had practiced Kung Fu, naturally resisted.

She even didn't see clearly who the man was, and directly punched and kicked him. The man in black suit didn't expect that Kate knew Kung Fu, so he was beaten by her.

Kate got rid of the man's control and started to run.

"Catch her." The man in black suit instructed and the other men immediately ran towards Kate.

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