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   Chapter 70 Encounter With Mona

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It was a familiar voice. Kate patted her forehead helplessly. Trouble was coming again.

"Eh? Kate is also here?" When Mona saw Kate, there was a flash of surprise on her face.

"What a coincidence!" Kate responded powerlessly.

Under the light, the hickeys on Kate's neck were still obvious. Mona stared at them with resentment.

Why does Kate always get what she wants? '.

This time, she would never let Brian be with others..

"Brian? It's so late. Is there a party?" With these words, Mona didn't go back to see Kate, who chuckled and was about to leave for the two to talk.

"Yea. It's too late. Take care, Miss Chen." Said Brian in a polite and alienated manner, with no sign of emotion on his face.

Then he took Kate's hand and left.

Standing behind them, Mona stared at their fingers interlocked and her fists were clenched involuntarily. She swore that she would never make Kate have a happy life. Absolutely!

Why could they forgive Kate after she doing so many wrong things so easily? So did Moore, so did her brother.

No, even if they forgave her, she wouldn't forgive her either. What she did was right. And it wouldn't be so easy to forgive those who had done something wrong 'Kate, I won't make you have a happy life!'.

She was green with envy.

Somehow, Kate felt cold on her back.

"What's wrong?" Noticing that Kate was in a bad mood, Brian lowered his head and asked her.

Kate shook her head and curiously asked: "Boss, No, Brian. What's your relationship with Mona? "

"She is the daughter of Chen family and our families are of equal social rank. I was going to propose to her in the coffee shop that day." Said Brian lightly, emotionless.

"Ahem!" Kate suddenly coughed, and thought, 'fortunately, Mona didn't know about it, or else she would hate me again.'.

Brian frowned.

"You are too casual!" Kate looked at Brian speechlessly.

"Who do you think you are?" Said Brian with a sneer.

"I just make a mistake. My mother had already found out everything about her background and asked me to have a blind date." Kate said furiously.

"I don't want to get a real marriage certificate either." Said Brian.

Kate was shocked and looked at him strangely, "I don't believe it. Then why did you go with me to get it?"

Looking her up and down, Brian said, "because I think you won't bother me."

"……" Kate touched her forehead.

Brian chuckled. It was true that she had mistaken him for someone else. His speculation just matched his. Besides, she was not a clingy girl. He could see through her one eye.

He knew at that time that Kate didn't know who he was at all, but his first impression of her was good.

That was why he didn't reveal the truth and married her.

Speaking of their first meeting, they laughed in relief.

After Kate stopped laughing, she looked very sad. What was she laughing at? It was the beginning of her nightmare


She hadn't married into a wealthy

ned again. But she dared not to make any movement, so she closed her eyes tightly and pretended to be asleep.

Although Brian had seen through her little trick, he did not expose her. She probably had been frightened a lot today.

He turned off the light and held her in his arms. The night became quiet again. The sound of his steady breath and the wind outside the window were unusually harmonious.

Kate opened her eyes and stared blankly at the vague face of Brian.

When did she begin to face his existence indifferently?

"Why don't you go to sleep?" Brian asked in a low voice, his lips twitching.

Kate was shocked. She was sure that this man hadn't opened his eyes. How did he know that she was still awake?

In a panic, she closed her eyes and dared not move an inch. She was afraid of Brian suddenly going wild and eating her.

However, it was a little late for him to have this awareness, because At that moment, Brian had already leaned over her, and the moon in the dark had come out to join in the fun.

Against the cold moonlight, only a vague outline of Brian could be seen, but Kate still felt perfect.

"You did a good job today." The next second, Brian Kissed on her lips lightly.

With her eyes wide open, Kate looked at him in silence. After a while, she snorted and turned her head arrogantly. She was in a bad mood today.

Fortunately, Brian didn't care about her occasional arrogance. He lay beside her, held her tightly in his arms and went to sleep directly, ignoring whether Kate wanted it or not.

Kate blinked her eyes speechlessly. What an imperious and male chauvinist the CEO was.

Though Kate didn't want to admit it, she was somehow sleepy and relieved in Brian's arms.

The moon was still dark outside the window, and cool autumn wind blew in from the window.

"Daddy, don't leave us alone..." Kate muttered unconsciously and then fell asleep again.

Daddy Was the girl calling for William? Brian frowned.

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