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   Chapter 69 Give Me A Hug

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:02

What made Kate even more angry was that Brian listened to the saleslady's words instead of hers and led her to another room.

She swore that she didn't want to buy clothes in her whole life. She was so tired

As soon as Kate stepped into the room, she stopped and tried to run away, her legs trembling.

But the man in front of her pulled her in and locked the door

Yes, the door was locked.

Looking at the clothes racks all over the room, she had a very uneasy premonition. She glanced at Brian carefully, and it turned out that Brian had already sat in the central sofa of the room.

"I just need to pick my favourite. It's really troublesome to try on it..." Kate walked towards Brian carefully and said with a giggle.

Hearing that, Cole looked up at her and stood up. Kate was delighted.

"It's really troublesome," said Brian, "I can help you."

With a thunder, Kate was hit from head to toe.

"No..." Kate shouted, but when she felt Brian's unpleasant sight, she lowered her voice: "no No, I can do it myself. "

"Are you sure?" Bri

to do something.

"Don't move. Let me hug you." Said Brian in a low voice.

Kate was stunned for a while and her mouth twitched. Boss, haven't you had enough of hugging me inside?

For a long time, Kate failed to control her hands and also held him in her arms. They looked beautiful and gentle under the streetlight.

After that, Kate really wanted to cut off her hands. She had planned to ignore this man completely, but why did she hug him? She thought about it again and again, but still could not figure it out.

It was already very late at that time. They were going to go back to the villa after a walk around.

"Brian? What a coincidence!" All of a sudden, someone shouted behind them.

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