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   Chapter 68 Shopping For Clothes

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Kate glanced at Brian who never spoke a word next to her cautiously and smirked, "I didn't mean anything else. Haha..."

Kate tried to change the subject.

"By the way, how do you like this place? Is it fun? " Asked Kate.

However, Brian didn't respond to Kate's question, so that the atmosphere suddenly became very awkward.

Kate shook her head with regret. She shouldn't have mentioned it. But why did Brian give her a dirty face if he really satisfied with this place? She hadn't mind what happened before.

After a long time, Brian asked in a cold voice, "Do you really want to run away from me?"

Brian asked really seriously. Kate thought that even if she was afraid of him, she could not lie any more.

"You know we can't be together." Kate look up at Brian firmly and said.

At this moment, Kate felt that she was like a valiant general.

She couldn't hesitate any more. Brian's behavior, whether intentional or not, would cause her misunderstandings. Although she was very happy that they were misunderstood as a couple by so many people today, she knew that it was fake.

Since when did she believe that they would never be together?

As soon as Kate finished her words, there was an awkward silence again. In their relationship, sometimes she was the only one who was talking and she was afraid that she might have said something wrong. This silence was very embarrassing, but sometimes she felt it was very sweet.

"You can't run away from me before I ended this relationship. My kitty, don't forget that our relationship is protected by law." Brian said flatly so Kate didn't know his feelings.

But Brian's voice made Kate feel cold.

She is nothing but a toy in his palm and he was in control of her actions.

"We have made a deal." Kate looked at him with a forced smile.

"Really?" Brian smiled. His smile was very cold which made Kate kept shivering.

It reminded Kate that their deal had been lost.

At this moment, she finally understood what she meant to him.

Just a favored pet.

'He didn't want to give her to others or let others cast greedy eyes on her, because he liked her for a while.'

'He was so overbearing that he didn't allow anyone to touch his belongings.'

'He was so domineering that it was not strange for him to treat people as pets.'

Kate once thought he still loved her a little. After all, in many aspects, he treated her in a special way. She realized now that he treated her as a pet and treated others as people. Naturally, he treated her differently.

'She was a pet raised by him. She just like a pet which was so happy when her master throw a bone to her causally.' Kate can't help woolgathering.

'He left the land to her to work. Was it just like the meat he left?'

'The pet fell in love with the master. How ridiculous!'

Even though she had knew everything, Kate still had no power to fight back. The deal was her last weapon at first, but now the deal

stline was enough to show off Kate's curvy figure.

However... The dress was a little exposed. The ditch on her chest was obvious to see. She grabbed the dress and struggled in front of the mirror for a long time before slowly walking out.

Kate lowered her head and her long and straight black hair was disheveled on her chest, shoulders and clavicles. She instantly became very sexy.

"It's too sexy. Exchange another one." Brian commented.

"Yes." Kate answered in a low voice and walked into the fitting room with a set of relatively good-looking clothes.

Again and again, Kate's body was getting numb. She lowered her head and looked at Brian who sat not far away from her, trembling with anger. 'Did he thought it was a talent show?'

"I think it's enough." Kate thought it over and said softly.

"Yes." Without making difficulties for her, Brian stood up and took her away. He said to the saleswoman at the door, "Pack the clothes over there."

The saleswoman cast a envious glance at Kate who shook her head helplessly and thought, 'Young lady, you don't understand my sadness at all.'

Kate thought she could go back. But unexpectedly, Brian took her to a room full of shoes. She needed to try on shoes

Well, she did.

Kate took off the shoes and put on the shoes numbly.

After she had tried on for quite a while, Kate couldn't help reminding Brian to stop.

She bought the clothes and shoes. 'Is there anything left?' 'A mountain of high-heeled shoes?' thought Kate while glancing at them.

She silently calculated the cost of buying clothes and shoes here. At least they would cost millions. She had to work hard for a few years before she got the money?

Besides, she wanted to return the money to Brian. She didn't want to owe him anything.

"It's late. Let's go home." Kate was worried about Brian would take her to somewhere else and reminded him.

"Mr. Li, this way please." A saleswoman appeared and interrupted Kate.

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