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   Chapter 67 Make A Wish

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"Thank you. We are leaving now." Kate turned around and thanked her politely.

"May you be happy forever." Said the landlady, smiling.

Happiness forever

If only he could.

When Kate came to the wishing tree, she stared at the wish on it and then turned to look at the couple standing under the tree, not knowing what to do.

She and Brian were somewhat strange. They were not a couple, but the boundary between them seemed to have been blurred.

Brian then circled her waist with his arm. Kate was slightly shocked. At this moment, the wishing bag has already slipped into her palm. He put her hand one her hand. She felt so warm in his palm.

"Close your eyes." Said Brian in a low voice.

Then she closed her eyes obediently.

May grandma get better soon; may Brian be safe forever; Sherry be safe; and may mom be happy.


Wish they could have a peaceful ending.

Even Kate didn't dare to hope that they would end up well, as long as it was not bad.

"My God, if you are not happy with my many wishes, You can only fulfill one. Let Grandma get better soon." Thought Kate. That was the greatest wish of Brian.

After a while, Kate opened her eyes and found that Brian didn't let her go. He held her hand and threw her bag toward the wishing tree.

The red wishing bag was so dazzling in the sun. Kate raised her head and saw it slowly disappearing from the top of the tree.

"It's so high." Kate couldn't help but thumb up. They would definitely make their wishes known to the public.

"Yes." Answered Brian.

"Where do you want to go? There are also many interesting places around the wishing tree. " Said Kate boldly. She thought Brian seemed to be in a good mood.

"Walk around." Brian backhand clasped her hand, their fingers interlocked like many lovers.

When she walked around the circle of couples, Kate was actually a little embarrassed. She was not a couple with Brian, so there was no need for her to be there.

There were many hotels, restaurants, temples where people could burn incense and worship Buddha, and a street that was specially selling souvenirs. Each time Kate came over, she would be attracted by these handmade souvenirs.

"That one looks good." With this in mind, Kate walked towards a beanbag with Brian. She picked up a handmade pearl from it with a big smile on her face.

Though the material of the hand beads wasn't gold and silver jewellery, they looked pretty simple and simple, which attracted Kate a lot. The dark brown bead flickered faintly in the sunlight, very unique.

"Miss, you can buy two with your boyfriend if you like it. It's under the goddess of love's protection. He will give his lovers' blessings." The landlady looked at Kate with a smile and then at Brian's with a meaningful look.

Kate laughed and put down the bead.

How could Mr. Brian believe what

this name is not new?"

"I'm sure the CEO I'm calling is you." Kate tried to struggle.

"You don't like my name?" Brian said with a frown.

"Of course not."

"That's good. Do you have any other questions?"

"……" Kate was utterly overwhelmed. She retracted her head and lowered it.

She was bound to lose if she quarreled with Brian.

"And remember to act like a lady when you wear a dress in the future." Brian looked at Kate and said.

In fact, Kate's appearance was graceful, but Kate sometimes gave people the feeling that she was very heroic. Kate had both style of being heroic and lady which was really eye-catching.

How could Kate refuse Boss's order? She lowered her head and replied in a low voice, "yes..."

The cool breeze blew, and the park was lit with colorful lights. The lake in front of her was rippling in the wind, and the sparkling lights were like silver pieces on the lake.

"CEO......" As soon as Kate finished her words, she was shocked by a sudden glance from Brian. Her heart trembled, and she immediately corrected herself: "Brian."


"Do you like gentle and virtuous girls?" Kate took a glance at him cautiously.

It seemed that there were many times that Brian was dissatisfied with her behavior. But generally, boys liked this type of girls

After a short pause, Brian replied, "No."

"Well, what kind of girl do you like?" Kate was surprised and asked with confusion.

"Why do you ask this?" Brian asked in reply.

Kate quickly smiled. Her cheeks flushed either because of the bright light or her shyness.

"Didn't you say that you would divorce me as long as you find someone suitable? I have to know your preferences before I can help you find your favorite, right? " Kate giggled and said.

As Kate spoke these words, the originally cold Brian became even colder.

Even Kate, who was sitting next to him, felt the coldness.

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