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   Chapter 66 The Wishing Tree

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Brian was still indifferent. Without saying anything, Moore left directly.

Even if you would abandon the world? Moore, I'm afraid even if you abandon the world, you can't take away what belongs to me.

Because, it belongs to me only.

The corners of Brian's lips became colder as he watched Moore leave.

"Moore!" Kate wanted to run after her, but her wrist was grasped by Brian.

Kate was stunned. She turned around and saw that Brian was standing still with an expressionless face, without even moving her eyebrows.

She knew that Brian had warned her more than once to stay away from Moore, but she was not a merciless person and Moore drank.

"He was drunk." Kate explained.

"I have asked Peter to send him back." Said Brian, pulling Kate to a corner. He didn't like to be with too many people and he didn't want to be stared at either.

Kate turned her head and looked out of the window. She felt much better after Peter helped Moore get into the car.

"He's gone." Brian knocked on her head with disapproval.

Kate pulled herself back to the present and covered her forehead with her hand. She shot a reproachful glance at Brian, thinking that both he and her mother liked to hit her on the head?

But this time, Brian wasn't angry with her any more. Didn't he get angry every time when he saw her with Moore? Kate looked at Brian curiously.

"Mr. Brian, I know you don't like Moore, right? He's a nice man. Why don't you like him?" Kate asked curiously. She had a strong feeling that there were some other reasons that Brian didn't like Moore.

"Should I like him?" Brian asked Kate with an interesting smile.


Kate didn't know what to say.

Brian and Moore actually looked like a perfect match.

"You admire Moore?" Brian asked suddenly.

Kate nodded and said with a smile, "such a person like you certainly don't know how capable Moore is."

Hearing that, Brian's face turned dark. What kind of person was he? She was getting more and more impolite.

"Although Moore's family background is not so good, he tries very hard to do everything well, being gentle and kind to others. He are also a first-class capable man. " Kate didn't notice the dark face of Brian and continued.

"What does the kind of me mean?" Brian interrupted her impatiently and asked.

Kate glanced at Brian's face. Well, it's not that good.

"It's just just... " Kate faltered. She didn't know what to say. She believed that Brian knew what she meant.

The dishes were served at that time. Fortunately, Brian didn't continue asking her.

"Wow, they are so delicious!" Kate pretended to be surprised and shouted at the food in front of her.

With the original posture, Brian stared at her. Kate was stiffed although she was pretending to be surprised. She felt uncomfortable being stared at by Brian.

Mr. Brian, don't you know your eyes are X-ray? Kate lowered her head to eat, but Brian's eyesight was like a mountain, dominating her and making her tas

e was an old tree with thousands of years old. It would take one or two minutes to run around the trunk which could show how tall and huge the tree was. The old tree was hung with all kinds of wishes. The red scene was spectacular.

She heard that the higher the wishing bag was, the easier to fulfill the wish.

Kate looked into the direction of the big tree. She could no longer find the wishing bag that she had thrown earlier. It was either brought away by the wind or disappeared under the sunlight.

"This is the wishing tree. You can write your wish on a piece of paper, put it in the bag and throw it on it. Then the God will see your wish. The higher it is thrown, the greater the chance it would be seen by the God and the easier to fulfill the wish. " Kate introduced.

After a pause, Kate looked at a couple not far away and said, "it is said that if a couple make a same wish, the chance of realizing the wish will also increase."

That was why there were many couples here every year.

Kate regained her presence of mind. But she was not a couple with Brian, and she would at most help him to make one wish for his grandma's health.

After saying that, she pulled Brian to take the wishes paper, and she took two and handed one to Brian. But Brian did not accept, he said lightly, "you do it."

Huh She would write it? Didn't he make a wish?

When she was about to make it clear, she received an impatient glance from Brian. Kate was coward and shrank her head, swallowing the words on the tip of her tongue.

Kate thought for a moment and wrote down these words.

"I wish grandma good health,"

Taking the note, glancing it over, folded it and put it into the wishing bag.

"Miss, your boyfriend is so handsome." The woman who sold wishing bag looked at Brian and greeted Kate with a friendly smile.

Kate's face turned red, but she didn't contradict him. She looked at Brian carefully.

'he is a good guy except for his poker face, ' she thought.

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