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   Chapter 65 An Encounter In The Construction Site

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It was so quiet on the ground that only the sound of the wind was heard. Even the sound of her breath was taken away by the wind.

Brian said nothing. Perhaps he didn't know what to say.

It would be nice if Brian wasn't William's son. She wouldn't need to think so much and her mother wouldn't object. Besides William's son, Brian was definitely her mother's ideal son-in-law.

Kate felt a little bit depressed. She stretched out her hands and cautiously held on to the waist of Brian. They were very close to each other.

"Kate, you two..." The sound of amazement came from not far away.

Kate was shocked and looked towards where the voice came from.

They were Moore and Lee.

Kate was stunned for a few seconds and then tried to push Brian away. However, Brian's arm was still around her waist.

"What a coincidence!" Kate pretended that she didn't mind. She then gave an embarrassed smile to Moore and Mr. Lee.

What a coincidence Inside, tears streamed down Kate's face

She just concluded the contract with Mr. Lee yesterday, and now he saw her staying with Brian like this. Even a fool would know the abnormal relationship between her and Brian. And Moore? Why is he here?

Moore smiled helplessly, looked at Kate and asked, "what are you doing here?" He said in a somewhat reluctant tone.

"I want to see how this land is. After all, I want to have a good cooperation with Mr. Lee." Kate smiled and tried to ignore Brian who was still holding her.

"Humph, it really surprised me. Miss Kate, you surprised me so much. " Mr. Lee looked at Brian and Kate and snorted.

Brian looked at Mr. Lee coldly and said slowly, "you can choose to turn around and walk away."

Puff Kate pretended to cough and glanced at her boss, speechless. How could he do business like that? No wonder she couldn't get the right to use the land, she muttered helplessly in her heart.

Sure enough, Mr. Lee's face changed slightly. He looked at Brian coldly, "this is my place. Don't you think you are the one who should leave?"

The atmosphere became tense. Both of them were highly skilled soldiers.

Kate felt really stressed in Brian's arms, but she still glanced at Brian and Mr. Lee with curiosity.

Anyway, he felt that her boss was more confident than Lee.

"Mr. Lee, are you sure this is yours?" The corners of the mouth lifted into a ghost of smile.

Mr. Lee was slightly taken aback. A bad feeling rose in his heart.

Kate was stunned. What did he mean?

"What do you mean?" Mr. Lee asked Brian coldly with a frown.

"You should ask your deputy CEO about this." Brian slightly raised his eyebrows, and his eyes became deeper and colder.

Then he released Kate and took her hand.

As for Moore, he didn't even greet him.

Kate couldn't help turning around to look at Moore, who was standing there quietly with his gentle and elegant face disappearing. For a moment, she couldn't figure out his emotion.

"Moore, I'm leaving now. Bye!" Keeping her dou


"Boss, I think we should build a big resort here and then..." As Kate was talking to Brian, she could not help but gestured a blueprint here in front of Brian.

There were not many restaurants around here, so Kate and Brian happened to walk into the room where Moore was. And the restaurant here is very small. You can see everything in it as soon as you come in.

When Kate stepped into the restaurant, she saw Moore sitting at a table, with some bottles of wine on it.

Kate frowned. As far as she knew, Moore had never drunk before. Had he changed after staying in America?

"Hey, Moore. What a coincidence!" Kate broke free from Brian and walked up to Moore, greeting him with a big smile on her face.

Kate still felt guilty towards Moore. What's more, she also didn't know what way Brian used to get the land. Although it had nothing to do with Moore, she still felt a little uncomfortable when thinking about this.

"Yes." Moore smiled and looked at Brian who behind Kate. Gradually, the smile was filled with helplessness.

Kate still wanted to say something, but Moore had stood up and walked unsteadily.

"Kate, I'm going back." Moore looked at Kate with a smile and said.

"Where do you live? You are drunk." Kate raised her eyebrows and held on to him.

Moore was a little stunned, but he pushed her hand away slowly and said with a smile, "it's okay. Have a good time with him. Goodbye."

Goodbye, I don't want to see you again. It's enough to know that you are safe.

He didn't give the chance to Kate to say something, then he turned around and left.

When he walked past Brian, Moore stopped and turned his head to look at Brian. He said in a voice that could only be heard by them, "be good to her. Don't hurt her. Otherwise, even if I had to abandon the whole world, I would still take her to a place you couldn't find. "

Although Moore's voice was very light, it was firm and resolute.

He would do anything for Kate even against the world.

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