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   Chapter 64 Go Out With The CEO

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"Mr. Brian, I can assure you that it's true. I didn't lie to you." Kate was so anxious that tears were about to run down her face. She looked at Brian sincerely. All she could do was to take out her heart.

With Brian's eyebrows raised, the disdainful expression showed that he doubted her words.

"How could you do this to me? What if I get ill?" Kate wiped her tears with a sad look, looking like an innocent cat.

Brian looked at her with great interest. He didn't say anything but pointed at his face. Obviously, he meant to let her go after he kissed her.

Staring at his smooth face, Kate hesitated for a moment. Still, she kissed him with fear and trepidation.

The kiss was like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. As soon as she touched it, Kate stepped back.

She jumped off the bed and dashed into the bathroom before Brian said a word.

Looking at Kate's receding figure, Brian's mouth couldn't help but curve a smile. It seemed that the girl didn't lie to him this time.

Because she had to inspect the construction site with the CEO today, Kate squatted in front of her suitcase and rummaged out all the clothes inside, but she didn't know what to wear.

She had put away all the clothes she bought with Brian in her locker. Did she dare to wear them? Each dress was worth tens of thousands. If it was broken, how would she compensate for it.

She didn't think one dress was too casual, and the other one was not elegant enough

At this moment, Kate truly realized that choosing clothes was really a very difficult thing, and it was also a profound art.

She wore what she had before and didn't think too much. But today she was out with the CEO. She couldn't disgrace the CEO, could she?

Brian had all been tidied up. Kate hadn't found the clothes that she liked. She was sitting on the floor gracelessly, with her chin on her hand, her head slightly raised. It seemed that she was thinking, but in fact she was in a daze.

Brian came to her, slightly bent over and looked through her clothes.

Seeing the strapping figure of Brian, Kate tried to hide her clothes subconsciously, but the CEO was always a few seconds faster than her.

He picked the clothes with one finger and frowned, "where are the clothes I bought you last time?"

Kate lowered her head in silence.

"Is it not enough? We can buy some other sets later. " Said Brian, standing up.

"Well, I can do it myself. Don't worry about me." Kate said with a smile.

It's ridiculous that she only needs to a lesson taught by Brian. Can she afford the clothes that the CEO likes?

Brian looked at her coldly without saying anything.

'Oh, no! Mr. Brian doesn't like any of my clothes. What should I wear?' thought Kate.

Kate carefully turned her head to look at Brian. Eh, the CEO was not wearing a suit today but a white shirt.

He was used to wearing black suit. But today, He was wearing white dress, which made Kate amazed. She had thoug

went over Kate's beautiful face and blew up her long hair. The pleated skirt also swayed with the wind. Her small mouth opened slowly with her surprise, like a cute, pretty but a little mature spirit.

Brian didn't notice he had been staring at her for a long time.

He walked closer to Kate, who was still enjoying the scenery in the distance and didn't notice the coming of Brian.

It was not until he hugged her from behind that Kate came back to her senses. And her attention also back to herself.

"CEO?" Kate's body got stiff. Although there were only two people on the ground and the driver had left, she still felt very embarrassed.

"Yes." Brian replied carelessly and buried his head into Kate's neck.

Her soft hair was blown in the wind and Kate didn't know where to put her hands, while a gentle and arrogant soft came from her neck, telling her that Mr. Brian seemed to be kissing her

From light to heavy, he kissed her on her neck, gradually becoming an impatient bite.

As if this was not enough, the domineering kiss moved from her neck to her shoulder, her clavicle

"CEO......" Kate was about to cry.

How could a subordinate be bullied by his boss all day long!

Hearing the voice of Kate, Brian stopped and loosened her.

Kate sighed with relief. But before she finished her words, her body was pulled towards Brian again. She was shocked and her lips were suddenly pressed by Brian.

As soon as the kiss was finished, Kate's legs were trembling. If it weren't for the grasp on her waist, she would have already fallen to the ground. She put her hands on Brian's chest and panted.

Suddenly, she heard a hoarse voice, "kitten, do you care about William?"

Kate was shocked and wondered why he asked this question all of a sudden?

She hesitated for a moment and nodded gently.

She didn't want to see William and Juliet at all.

Although ten years had passed, she still cared about those memories when they were all revived.

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