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   Chapter 63 An Encounter With Lily

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"Kitten."` Said Brian in a hoarse voice.

"Yes." Kate responded, and she blushed.

Brian didn't continue. His hand kept moving. Kate grasped his collar and said in a low voice, "Boss, I.. Let's go back. "

They were in the wilderness now. What if the beasts in Brian broke out?

It seemed that Brian didn't hear anything from Kate. With Kate snuggling up against his chest, she was unable to control Brian`.

But in no time, Brian held her up. Maybe because Kate had been sitting there for too long, her legs were so weak that she could only stand firmly without her hands holding onto Brian's arms.

Brian slightly bent down and put Kate on his back. Kate hesitated.

"Three, two..." Without urging her, Brian began to count down.

Before he could call out "one", Kate had been on his back. Although she didn't know what was waiting for her, she was unable to resist as long as it was an idea of Brian.

She put her hands around Brian's neck and said, "you'd better put me down. My legs are not injured. I'm so embarrassed in public."

Not getting an answer from Brian, Kate called him again: "boss?"

He didn't respond.

"CEO! CEO! CEO!" After that, she was even more joyful.

Brian smiled and patted on Kate's butt to show off his status, which made her shut up immediately. Oh, No. she had no way to fight against Brian's perverted violent behavior.

At Kate's strong request, when they arrived at the main road, Brian put her down and held her hand.

"Brother? Brother! " A voice came from behind.

Brian didn't look back.

But the voice was getting closer and closer to Kate. Then a girl in pink dress jumped in front of Brian and Kate. Kate noticed that Mr. Brian frowned slightly.

If Kate remembered correctly, this girl was Mr. Brian's half-sister, Lily.

"Brother, why are you here? Are you here to visit me? " Lily ignored Kate. She reached out and held the other hand of Brian. She raised her head to look at Brian with a big smile.

"Lily, don't be naughty." Brian said like an elder.

When Lily heard the harsh tone of Brian, Lily couldn't help pouting. She took a look at Kate and said sadly, "brother, you don't care about me at all. You spend all your time with this gay woman. You know what? Everyone in our school knows that she is a lesbian. Everyone feels ashamed to be with her. Brother, you'd better leave her. "

Lily was straightforward and didn't care about how Kate would feel.

"Lily, is this how you cultivate yourself?" With knitted brows, Brian looked at Lily seriously.

Struck by the seriousness on Brian's face, Lily lowered her head slightly. She still looked discontented.

"Lily, this is your brother. He is so handsome!" The friends who were walking next to Lily marveled at the sight of Brian.

And this kind of exclamatio

reaming of something interesting.

With a gentle sigh, Brian helped her pack up, held her in his arms, and gently wiped her hair with a towel.

"HMM..." Kate groaned in a low voice. She did not wake up. Instead, she put her arms around the waist of Brian and found a comfortable position to keep sleeping.

Brian was speechless about the sleeping girl. But he didn't notice at all that his cold expression had softened.

The next day was a sunny day, suitable for travel. Kate woke up comfortably from sleep.

Thinking that it was weekend, Kate habitually stayed in bed and rubbed her bear doll intimately.

The bear moved.

When did her bear doll move? Kate was stunned. And when did the doll get warm?

CEO! Kate was taken aback by the words coming out of her mind, and her sleepiness was driven away at once.

"Good morning, Mr. Brian." Kate got out of bed, released herself from the grasp like an octopus and laughed at Brian.

"Yes." Brian stared at her.

Kate lowered her head in silence, with her heart racing again. Was it necessary to make her nervous as soon as she got up?

"Mr. Brian, I'm getting up." As Kate spoke, she tried to sound normal and moved towards the other side of the bed.

Just when Kate thought she had succeeded in escaping from the claws of Brian, her wrist was suddenly gripped. She threw herself into the arms of Brian with an intimate gesture.

However, it was not Kate's own choice.

"Boss, I want to go to the washroom." Kate said with a sad face.

"Can you think of a more graceful reason? Aren't you tired of it?" Brian was in a good mood today and even teased her.

But Kate was crying in her heart, she was not kidding, she really wanted to go to the bathroom..

It seems that people can't lie. Once they tell a lie, their words will be taken as a lie and they will fall into such a fate like her.

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