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   Chapter 62 Back To University

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Glancing around the place, Brian couldn't help frowning slightly.

The restaurant was very old and shabby. The decoration was as same as that of ordinary people, without any specialty. Besides, there were a lot of people who came here. Brian found that the shop was very crowded because of the close distance of each table.

All in all, Brian was disappointed with this shop.

"You are very familiar with the owner of the store." Brian turned to look at Kate.

Kate nodded and said with a smile, "the end of the snack street is Z University. We often go out to eat, and this is my favorite restaurant. The spaghetti is delicious. "

Z University was the best university in Z city. Many excellent students were studying there.

"Mr. Brian, have you ever been to Z university?" Kate asked curiously.

"No." Answered Brian.

Kate thought to herself, 'since Brian was not student of Z University, does he have a lower education than me?'.

Well, it was not impossible for him to have a low education, because he inherited his father's work. It was not omnipotent for his current education.

Kate had heard about Brian's education background from Lora a long time ago. Brian graduated from high school and then went to the highest University in America. It took him only three years to get all the senior certificates.

Kate was shocked by Lora's words at that time, but she didn't take them seriously at that time, and she really didn't expect that one day she would sit here with Brian who Lora talked about everyday.

"Okay. Do you want to go to Z university with me later?" Kate giggled and asked.

Brian didn't answer.

There were many people in this little store and most of them are girls. Kate looked around and found that girls were all talking with Brian.

Boss, you're so tired of being watched all day. Kate sighed.

After a moment of silence, the vendor brought two bowls of noodles. He also acted like the waiter who was dressed in ancient costumes, "here comes the noodles."

Brian nodded slightly, staring at the greasy cup, frowning.

"Boss, eat more meat." In order to make it up to Brian for not giving him lunch this noon, Kate took some meat from her bowl to Brian.

Brian quietly watched her. When she almost finished, he exchanged the bowls with hers, and then picked up the chopsticks to eat.

"Wow! What a considerate man!"

"So handsome! So handsome! "

"That girl is so happy!"


The surrounding sounds were mixed up.

Kate also heard that. She took a look at her own bowl and then at Brian's. she was quite pleased with Brian's thoughtfulness.

Halfway through the meal, Brian put down his chopsticks.

Kate, who was eating noodles, asked in confusion: "what's wrong?"

"Here you are." Brian pushed his bowl of half noodles to Kate.

"Well, Mr. Brian, you don't have to sacrifice yourself for me. Just eat if you want." Kate misunderstood that Brian was worrying that she

blew, it looked like a lot of silver paved on the ground, so dazzling and eye-catching.

"It's still the same here." With a sigh, Kate sat on the lawn beside the pool.

Sitting next to Kate, Brian reached out and took her in his arms. She didn't resist and leaned on him quietly.

It felt so good to have someone to rely on, which was really not as bad as she had imagined. Was it because he was Brian?

Kate had always been a domineering person. Although sometimes she looked a little garrulous, she was a totally independent personality. Leaders could be extremely glorious wherever they went.

But after the exposure of Lesbian, Kate didn't keep a high profile and didn't want to fight for anything. She just wanted to live her own life quietly. After getting a job the Li group, she didn't want to work hard and attract more attention.

She was afraid of being recognized as the root cause of that scandal.

Moore said that she had really changed.

"Mr. Brian, did you see that tree, it was planted by me. I haven't seen it for two years. It is so tall now. " Kate pointed at a two meter tall tree opposite the pool and said with a smile.

"Yes." Brian looked in the direction of her finger.

Blankly, Brian looked down at her. Her bright eyes reflected the reflection of the water around the pond. He couldn't help but cover her eyes gently.

He looked down and kissed her red lips gently.

Kate slightly closed her eyes, put her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

Instead of the domineering kiss during the daytime, the kiss was as soft as a feather and sentimental.

She instinctively met his breath.

A cool breeze swept over them and the air became hot and dry.

He put his cold hand into her clothes and stroked her back.

Every wisp of skin touched by his hand was as hot as fire, so scorching and terrible. Kate was a little scared. She kept huddling herself up and buried her head into Brian's chest.

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