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   Chapter 61 In Love

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After dinner, Kate briefly told the situation of Mr. Lee and her ideas to Brian.

After a moment's reflection, Brian nodded slightly, looked at Kate's serious face and said calmly, "well, I'll leave that piece of land to you. If you want to build anything on it, tell me."

Kate who kept talking was stunned. She opened her mouth and stared at Brian in disbelief.

It was a big piece of land and was worth a lot of money. What if she did something wrong because of carelessness?

"CEO I... " Kate wanted to refuse.

Brian looked at her coldly and asked, "are you going to refuse again? Where's your courage? "

Kate lowered her head speechlessly. She was usually very timid, especially when she was facing Brian.

"If there is nothing else, you can leave now." The expression on Brian's face was so pitiful. Unless there was an obvious mood fluctuation, no one could see any change on his face.

"Yes." Kate didn't dare to contradict him. She just slightly bowed, nodded and then walked out.

When Kate went out, Jacob just came back.

"Boss, you just let her do what she want?" Jacob looked at Brian, confused.

He didn't believe that Kate would make any big trouble. She could just take some money from the Li group for fun.

"How can I know that she is mischievous if I don't ask her to have a try?" Brian replied indifferently without even raising his head.

Jacob was still confused.

Everyone was surprised to see Kate when she returned to the secretary department.

"Kate, how was your negotiate with Mr. Lee this morning?" Vicky asked with a smile.

Kate smiled and nodded. "It's fine, but I'm not sure if I can sign the contract or not."

"Well, we have tried to communicate with Mr. Lee, but there was no result. If you can really sign that contract, we will really admire you." Vicky smiled again.

"I don't deserve your admiration." Kate continued to talk with Vicky.

Speaking was Kate's advantage.

When she returned to her seat, Kate couldn't help but take a glance at Anna, who happened to be looking at her too. When their eyes met, none of them looked so overbearing.

Kate greeted Anna with a smile and then sat down slowly.

"Kate, let me know if you need any help." Lea sat next to Kate. She winked at Kate naughtily and said to her in a low voice.

"Thank you." Kate smiled back. Though the least-aura woman in this secretary office was Lea, Lea was Kate's favorite girl. Because Kate often helped her do something. Though Lea didn't have a strong aura, she worked the most efficiently in the secretary department.

Brian said that she would be given the full authority of the land, then the contract would be easy to be signed. Did he really plan to take that piece of land to build an amusemen

morrow! 'has Mr. Brian forgotten to pray?' Does she have to work on weekends?

Thinking of the busy tomorrow, Kate was a little depressed.

However, when she saw all kinds of delicious food, the depressed Kate was excited and looked around excitedly. Afraid of being lost, Brian always held her hands.

Kate was unable to run away.

On the way, Kate felt that many people were looking at her with jealousy or envy. In this place, the beautiful Brian was like a moving sun, which brought brightness and warmth to this dark snack street.

"Mr. Brian, let's have spaghetti. The spaghetti is the best delicious food." With great interest, Kate took Brian to a simple and beautifully decorated latte shop.

Brian frowned, but said nothing.

"Hey, Kate? You haven't been here for a long time. " The shop owner greeted Kate warmly.

When she saw the owner, Kate was also excited and greeted him: "yes, I'm very busy recently, and your business is always doing well."

"I'm flattered. By the way, doesn't Sherry come with you today?" The boss laughed cheerfully and looked at Kate.

Before Kate could explain anything, the owner smiled again and said: "so you have got a boyfriend. You just dump Sherry. haha"

"No, I didn't." Kate refuted, but was interrupted by the enthusiastic owner. He smiled warmly and said: "alright, don't be shy. Come in and have a seat. I can give you a 50% discount. "

Hearing the boss say 50% off, Kate jumped up immediately and said with a frown: "50% off! We haven't seen each other for such a long time. How can you just give me a 50% discount? Are you shameless? What do you think? "

"Okay, okay. Since it's your first time to bring a boyfriend here, It's free." The owner laughed at her carelessly.

Kate nodded her head satisfactorily and led Brian in.

They sat down at a corner.

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