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   Chapter 59 Feeling Relieved

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They kept silent for a while and the dishes had been served. Kate stared at the dishes on the table and suddenly found that her appetite was not as good as she thought.

And... All of a sudden, she thought of Brian, who was still working in his company. 'Has he eaten yet?'

'Damn it!' Kate hit her head hard. 'How could I think of Brian who left the leftovers to her every day?'

"Kate?" "What happened?", Moore asked questioningly seeing Kate.

Kate touched the back of her head and smiled, "I was kind of excited when I thought of something. Haha."

Moore put Kate's favorite food in her bowl with a faint smile and said, "This is meat, your favorite food."

"Well, how do you know that I like eating meat?" Kate looked at Moore in surprise.

"Who else eat much meat than you at the student party?" Moore smiled again.

Kate lowered her head with embarrassment. She felt ashamed at the thought of what happened before. She looked up at the bowl filled with drumsticks and then she was in a trance, how she wished that Brian could also do that one day.

Compared with Moore, Moore was much better than Brian.

Brian was born in a better family, was more handsome and more capable. But in other ways, Kate didn't see anything special about him.

Brian was a vindictive, tricky, arrogant, indifferent, cruel and lascivious man. It was just appropriate to use all the derogatory terms to describe Brian.

Moore, who was as gentle as a jade, was the perfect prince in girls' hearts.

"Kate, can you stop hiding from me?" The dazed Kate was pulled back to reality by the voice of Moore.

Kate was stunned and looked at Moore.

"If you don't believe what I said before, I'll say it again, 'I like you.'" Moore looked at Kate seriously and said word by word.

Hearing this, Kate felt suffocated and her heart was softened.

'Is it the best way to make up for Moore to be with him?' Moore was a nice person. Kate always believed in him. He was not as cold as Brian and he was nice to everyone, including to a little animal. He was very gentle.

How should she refuse Moore's love?

She refused him before because she didn't dare to face him and wanted to stay away from him.

"I..." Kate hesitated.

"I know you fall in love with someone else, but it doesn't matter. I just tell you my thought. I just don't want these words to be taken as a joke by you anymore. I just want you to know that there is still a person behind you. " Moore said with a smile.

Moore never expected anything from Kate. He just wanted to tell her that he has been there all the time. No matter what happened in the past, now or in the future, he has never left her.

Tears were welling up in Kate's eyes.

Moore was better than her. He shouldn't be so good to her, so humble.

Moore has been taking care of her all the time. Why didn't she thought of that he would like her? She had took his kindness for granted. It was lucky that h

, her stomach was big enough.

Thinking of this, Kate immediately asked the restaurateur to pack the food, in case she would regret it.

After eating Brian's leftovers, Kate probably knew what he liked to eat or what he didn't like to eat. She packed the food according to his tastes.

"For your colleagues?" Asked Moore.

Colleague? Was Brian her colleague?

To avoid any trouble, Kate answered, "For a colleague." People in the same company should be counted as colleagues.

"Be careful. Let me take it." Moore took over these doggy bags considerately and said.

Kate was embarrassed to refuse Moore, and she quietly followed behind him.

Without the guidance of Kate, Moore knew where the headquarters of the Li group was. Sitting in the front passenger's seat, Kate looked out of the window blankly, with the food wrapped for Brian in her hands. Her heart was in a mess again.

She was insane and masochistic. As an employee, she was not responsible for preparing meals for the boss. However, the boss often asked her to have leftovers. Why was she so kind to pack food for him?

"Here we are." Moore's clear voice interrupted Kate's imagination.

Kate came to the reality.

She found that the car had arrived at the gate of the Li group.

"Yes." Kate answered and was about to get off the car.

"Wait!" Suddenly Moore gave a cry. Kate was confused and turned round to look at him.

Moore approached Kate with a big smile. She looked at him in confusion.

Moore's slender fingers gently slid across Kate's face, which startled her. She was about to avoid his fingers, Moore got his hands off her quickly. He grasped a grain of rice and smiled, "There is rice on your face."

Kate was very embarrassed and looked down slightly.

"Focus on your work and make progress every day." Seeing that Kate was so embarrassed, Moore smiled and patted her head.

"……" This made Kate speechless. She was no longer a primary school student

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