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   Chapter 58 Memories Fly

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9863

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They transferred from the coffee shop to an ordinary restaurant. Compared to the coffee shop, Kate felt that it was more pleasant.

"But don't you live in Lora's house, do you?" As soon as she sat down, Kate heard Moore's voice.

Kate was a little stunned. If he kept paying attention to her all the time, she would also know that she lived in the Brian's villa?

"Why do you say that?" Kate put her bag aside and looked at Moore, pretending to be calm.

Taking a sip of tea, Moore went through the menu casually while saying, "I went to her house, but she said that you moved out. She didn't know where you moved to either."

He just went to see her.

"What's up? Do you have my number, don't you? " Kate tried to change the topic.

Seeming to have read her mind, Moore frowned and asked indifferently, "why do you want to move? Are you hiding from me? "

Kate's eyes twitched. Why did she avoid him? Although she did want avoid him, she would not do it so obviously.

"How could it be possible? But something happened to me. " Kate giggled.

"What is it?" Moore asked. He really didn't like Kate to keep him out of her life. During the University, she hadn't completely excluded him, but now, he felt that Kate was hiding from him.

Kate put her eyes on the menu and spoke in a low voice: "I don't know how to say. I just feel a little uncomfortable about Sherry's leaving."

She wouldn't tell anyone what she didn't want to say. Kate was good at hiding the truth with various beautiful words, attracting people's attention to another thing.

"Haven't you found Sherry yet?" Moore suddenly looked up and asked.

"Yes. She has never come back since that night when Ryan came to see her. Although she sent me a message to explain the situation, I still feel a little strange. " After finishing writing, Kate handed the form to Greyson. At the same time, she stared at him and asked, "Greyson, you work in the Chen group, right? Have you noticed anything unusual about Ryan recently?"

Moore thought for a while and shook his head. "I resigned recently. I don't know about him."

"Why did you resign? Aren't you Ryan's friend? " Kate was confused.

"We met in America. We were in the same school. Of course we were happy. We went back to our country soon after we met each other. We stayed at the University for such a long time, but I really didn't know that Ryan was Mona's brother. The relationship between me and Ryan is not as good as you think. " Moore smiled reluctantly.

Kate nodded. Indeed, when they were in college, Ryan didn't come to school very often. She wouldn't greet Moore and Mona even he came to college. If he was not in a relationship with Sherry, if Mona didn't make trouble after his car accident, Kate would not know that Mona was Ryan sister.

The world is so small, their entanglement is not over yet.

She, Sherry, Moore, Mona and Ryan.

The five men were like being tied t

heard about his life. Everyone was wondering why the intelligent and talented Moore would go to America. Moore was not that kind of rich man. He shouldn't have gone. Later, she heard that during his trip to America, his mother died of illness. In the end, Moore still didn't see his mother.

Kate didn't dare to face all these things. It was because she didn't know the good people and she was always rejecting Moore.

The longer time passed, the clearer she saw things. Because the clearer she saw, the clearer she knew what she had done wrong in the past.

Maybe everyone should feel sorry for her at that time, but it could not change the fact that she had betrayed Moore.

How could she get over all this? If she had been able to calm down and treat the people around her well, maybe this would not have happened and Moore would not leave. Perhaps, she and Moore would be good friends.

But now, Kate felt very uncomfortable when she was with Moore, so she instinctively avoided seeing him.

"I'm sorry." With her eyes lowering, Kate felt more and more guilty, and she even wanted to bent her back down.

"Kate, I know you feel guilty for avoiding me. But you don't have to do that. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Let bygones be bygones, okay? " Moore smiled and put his hand on Kate's head.

Kate's head became stiff. She felt a little uncomfortable.

"But I have... " Kate was still thinking of the past. She might never forgot the feeling of that for the rest of her life.

"I volunteered to do that. You gave me a chance to travel around. Although I had a hard time in America, I just had an unforgettable experience in my life which many people couldn't experience." Moore smiled, as warm and elegant as usual.

Even if he had gone to America for several years, he still had a smell of books deep in his bones.

However whatever an environment he was in, Moore was still like a undisguised lotus flower, unaffected by anything.

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